Mayor Career Goals

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Another career goal I have is to represent my community as the city Mayor. I believe with my background in law I would be a qualified mayor for the Philadelphia city. Even with the government subsidizes people in Philadelphia cannot afford to have decent health care due to the increase of health insurance premium each year. I want to enforce an extensive health insurance policy for the people in Philadelphia city that would improve the avenue of health care. Additionally, I would focus on equal access to higher quality public education through constructing better school broad with a large budget. My objective is to progress the quality of lives for Philadelphia residents by encouraging them to raise their concerns and strengthening police-public relation. I am formed, determined and flexible with people as well as want to serve my neighborhood formally and informally with my sincerity and trust. Since the day I set my mind to seek a career in law and politics, I devoted myself to make my dream come true. In the summer of my high school junior year, I participated in the Philadelphia Future Summer …show more content…
A degree audit is a computer-generated list created by university officials, which include all the major and minor requirements to fulfill a bachelor or associate degree. I plan to follow my degree audit and the instructions of my adviser to acquire my bachelor degree in criminology. I want to attend a prestigious law school in the United States. I understand getting accepted in a renowned graduate law school is difficult which requires high GPA and an exceptional LSAT score. Presently, I am in the dean’s list and I intend to pay more attention in my education in order to maintain a place in the dean’s list with a high GPA. Furthermore, I am preparing for my LSAT using planning, collaboration and attention to achieve my desired

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