Amorphous silicon

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  • How To Absorb Solar Energy

    of power produced is around 25 to 50 watts. However, most homes and buildings have multiple panels, so some appliances are capable of being powered by solar panels. But, this doesn’t answer the initial question of are solar panels energy efficient? To explore this further, we need to address the material the solar cells are made from, the amount of time these panels are utilized, and what effect the environment plays in a solar panels efficiency. Getting back to solar cells, it is important to know what materials they are made from and how this relates to efficiency. Solar cells are manufactured from semiconductor materials that can absorb sunlight. The most prominent material used is crystalline silicon, but other resources like crystalline gallium arsenide, polycrystalline silicon and Cadmium Telluride are also utilized. In order to know what materials are practical to use, the fill factor of the solar cell is accounted for. The fill factor is the maximum accessible power over the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current. After obtaining the fill factor, it is then possible to see how efficient a solar cell is. By multiplying the fill factor with the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current then dividing that total by the input power, we can obtain the efficiency of the solar cell. For example, if we had a solar cell with a fill factor of .7, voltage of .5, amp of 4, and an input power of 10 watts, the efficiency of the solar cell would be 14%. With these…

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  • What Conditions Affect The Efficiency Of Solar Panels

    the efficiency of the solar panel. The conditions tested on the solar panel were various applied resistances, power output between a flat solar panel and “fisheye” solar panel, incident light angle,and efficiency of each solar panel. The maximum power output was obtained when the resistance on the panel was 10 ohms. Both solar panels generated the most power when the panel’s were perpendicular to the light source. The “fisheye” solar panel was less sensitive to the angle changes of the solar…

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  • Si3n4 Synthesis

    A novel synthesis method to prepare Si3N4 nanowires from the amorphous silicon nitride (a-Si3N4) powder synthesized by low-temperature vapor-phase reaction method was investigated. Highly crystallized α-Si3N4 nanowires were synthesized from the heat-treatment of a-Si3N4 powder under ammonia atmosphere. The surface of the nanowires was smooth and clean without any attached particles. The thickness of the nanowires was in the range ~200–300 nm with the lengths of tens of micrometers. The…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Solar Energy

    found that solar homes sold 20% faster and for 17% more”. This information indicates that having solar panels equipped on a home makes it more valuable and easier to sell ("10 Reasons for Going Solar"). There is a variety of solar panels for customers to choose from to match their interest. They have the option to choose Monocrystalline Silicon which is made out of silicon ingots. The efficiency performance of this type of solar panel is very high since it 's made out of the highest grade…

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  • What Are Semiconductor Devices Affect Society?

    Semiconductor devices have transformed the way that we live by making tasks easier and more efficient than before. By utilizing the opinions of different professionals in the field about their affect on society, I want to investigate the different aspects of semiconductor devices. The question of will the accumulation of both the positive and negative outputs of the semiconductor industry lead to the need of advancing technology that is independent of the semiconductor. This is important to me…

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  • Kasser's Relationship Between Pursuing Wealth And Happiness

    In fact, those who pursue wealth -- even if they do so successfully -- are generally less happy than those who do not pursue wealth. What is the cause and effect relationship between pursuing wealth and unhappiness? Interestingly, it is not materialism which causes unhappiness directly, but that unhappiness and materialism are mutually reinforcing mechanisms. He notes that people who have experienced true deprivation are those who, later in life, are the most materialistic -- for example,…

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  • Sibeam Group Interview Report

    being announced. It was very early on and the purpose of that was to just find out about what this Silicon Image culture and it quickly became apparent within Silicon Image, their siting culture, and so now we are fast forwarding two years, and now it is Silicon Image, in Lattice and SiBEAM within this new big merged company. Chris: Yeah. Interviewer: James was giving me the update on what has been happening generally in the group, but one of my curiosity’s has been the culture of the SiBEAM…

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  • How Does Annealing Time Change

    Electronic materials is very useful in today 's world, they can be used almost in all field. There are a lot of electronic materials produced every day, like semiconductor, Piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials, magnetic material etc. This lab is more concentrate on the electronic resistivity with the changing of annealing time. And XRD can help people figure out the grain size of the sample, and find the rule of the electronic resistivity with the changing of annealing time. Introduction…

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  • Importance Of Optical Constants

    index n, complex dielectric function ϵ, and reflection and absorption coefficients R and α) of materials are of great importance for optical metrology in the semiconductor industry.1,2 A high-performance complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor process flow with 11 layers of metal requires about 75 photolayers and may contain up to 100 thickness measurements, most of them performed using spectroscopic ellipsometry.3 This technique has been described in various books with increasing levels of…

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  • Atomic Electronic Chip

    sizes are getting bigger again to accommodate more powerful processors and circuitry. Well, a research team from Stanford University has recently developed an electronic chip that is only 3 atoms thick (Choi, 2016). This could revolutionize circuitry considering silicon is the main component to microchips (transistors) and scientists have reached a point where they cannot make it any smaller. However, to determine the practicality of this new discovery, one must look at three different criteria:…

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