Photovoltaic array

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  • Solar Energy: Past, Present, And Future

    all over the world. While solar power is only responsible for a small amount of the energy created in the United States, it has been on the rise in other countries as a means to reduce spending and to be able to provide third world countries with needed electricity. Engineers are currently working on new ways to help the growth of solar energy, make it more efficient, cost effective, and attractive to new potential users. Electrical engineers have one of the most important parts in the growth of this technology because of their education and background in electrical power. They are tasked with developing the current systems used in the solar field, as well as improving on these systems and managing the power that is generated by the solar arrays. Frank Shuman, the inventor of the solar power, pioneered the solar engine in 1897 when he reflected sunlight onto one-foot square boxes, filled with ether, which boiled and whose steam turned a toy steam engine. This first engine stayed on display at Mr. Shuman’s house, in a suburb of Philadelphia, and worked for over two years. Mr. Shuman then went on to get a patent for a 2.2 Kilowatt engine that pumped thousands of barrels of water per day and was built in his backyard (Collins). In a meeting with potential investors, he used his “forceful personality and brilliant sales patter” and “made solar energy seem inevitable and persuaded investors that they would lose out if they weren’t in at the start” (Collins). With the money he…

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  • Blessings Of Solar Energy

    One of the finest blessings of solar energy is that humans are by no means going to run out of this large electricity aid even for millions of years. That is not something we possibly can say for oil, coal, petroleum, and different fossil fuels that humans have been dependent on for thousands of years. If people need to save the earth from raising carbon-emission gases, pollutants of water, and even global warming, they ought to change the electricity sources they use at present. Seeking more…

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  • The Benefits Of Solar Energy In Cameroon

    Cameroon has the resources available to be an exporter of electricity through hydroelectric power. So far the republic of Cameroon produces electrical energy from two hydroelectric stations who provide the services for those that can afford it. Out of the 1.2 billion people in the world without electricity, Cameroon is home to 10 million of the people without access to electricity. Almost half of the residents, 45%, in Cameroon do not have access to any type of electricity. And the rural areas…

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  • Solar Power Conditioning System Analysis

    stand-alone solar photovoltaic system is considered. Solar photovoltaic system has so many components such as solar panel, charge controller, power conditioning unit, battery. Out of all these components solar power conditioning unit is also one important part of this system. In given system solar energy is use as primary source and supply from main line is use as an auxiliary source of energy. Power conditioning unit selects the power supply such as from solar or main smartly according to the…

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  • Essay On Solar Battery

    Design and implementation of MPPT based charger of wheelchair batteries using Photovoltaic Arrays Radhika Vaid, Vaibhav Maheshwary, Sharang Mittal Abstract The development of renewable energy for the generation of electric power has been a critical topic in the current century with the growing problem of global warming and other environmental issues. Recently solar power has become a practical source for the generation of electricity worldwide. However the PV cell output is relatively low for…

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  • Advantages Of Hybridization Of Wind And Wind Energy

    worldwide installed capacity of 238,000 megawatts (MW) at the end of 2011, and is widely used in Europe, Asia, and the United States[Global Wind Report 2013]. Photovoltaic has overcome wind as the fastest growing energy source[Global Wind Report 2013]. 5.1 PHOTOVOLATIC CELL The ability of certain materials to convert sunlight to electricity was first discovered by Becquerel in 1839, when he discovered the photo galvanic effect. Space applications eventually led to improved…

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  • Photovoltaic Cell Essay

    Photovoltaic Cells Using Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as a Sustainable Alternative Energy Source As a result of all the developments made since the Industrial Revolution, humans have managed to improve the quality of life, expand human knowledge and witness a rapidly increasing population. However, along with these advancements come crucial concerns about pollution, the global climate, and energy security, all of which exacerbate each other. As the human population increases and global…

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  • Short Essay On Reason By Issac Asmiov

    three parts. There needs to be a 1.) a collector of the solar power, 2.) a way of transmitting power to earth and 3.) a way to receive the power on earth. There two methods of conversion solar dynamic and photovoltaic. Solar dynamic uses mirrors to accumulate light on a boiler. While photovoltaic conversion uses semiconductor cells to convert photons in electric power. There is also wireless power transmission, which is a way of transferring energy from the collection and then sending it to…

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  • Solar Energy

    The simplest cells are used to operate wristwatches and calculators, and more complicated systems are used to light houses. PV cells are combined into modules called arrays, and the number of arrays used determines the amount of electricity produced. For example, a large number of arrays would be needed to generate electricity for a power plant (Kuecken, 1979). A power plant can also use a concentrating solar power system where sunlight is focused with mirrors to create a high-intensity heat…

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  • How To Absorb Solar Energy

    is also capable of being used on car windows and on devices such as smart phones and tablets. While the transparent solar panel sounds incredible, how is it possible and is it efficient? When considering the typical solar panel we know that it is made to reflect as little light as possible. The idea of a transparent solar panel goes against what has been discussed up till this point. While attempts have been made at making a transparent photovoltaic panels before, they have all been tinted so…

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