Solar Power Conditioning System Analysis

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In this paper, roof top stand-alone solar photovoltaic system is considered. Solar photovoltaic system has so many components such as solar panel, charge controller, power conditioning unit, battery. Out of all these components solar power conditioning unit is also one important part of this system. In given system solar energy is use as primary source and supply from main line is use as an auxiliary source of energy. Power conditioning unit selects the power supply such as from solar or main smartly according to the different conditions. Therefore, power provided to the home does not get interrupted.
Keywords—Solar Power Conditioning Unit, Solar Charge Controller, PWM, MPPT, Inverter
Solar energy is the renewable source of energy and it is freely available on the surface of earth. There are so many energy sources
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This is one fixed orientation where the panel almost always intercepts the greatest amount of solar radiation during the year. Angle of latitude for mounting solar panel is 19.950 N for Chandrapur. We may consider it below up to (19.95 – 7) 0 N but not more than 19.950 N. For direction towards North, at 1800 maximum power is obtain from solar panel for northern hemisphere. Because of lacking of proper place we can consider angle greater than or equal to 1800 or less than or equal to 2100 (i.e. South-West).
B. Array Junction Box
Array Junction Box is meant for combining all the incoming lines from the solar panel strings/arrays and deriving one common array output for the multiple array inputs. Array Box is a junction box which allows several photovoltaic strings (from 8 to 32) to be connected in parallel. The total DC power is then distributed to the photovoltaic inverter. It includes photovoltaic string protection, overvoltage protection and a DC output switch disconnector. They are well adapted for Power plants as well as for photovoltaic large

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