The History Of Solar Power

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Solar Energy has been in use for the last one hundred years and through its existence, it has been a technology that has been constantly and consistently updated to maximize its usage. In the present day, where the want to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels is greater than ever, solar power is becoming a more attractive alternative for people all over the world. While solar power is only responsible for a small amount of the energy created in the United States, it has been on the rise in other countries as a means to reduce spending and to be able to provide third world countries with needed electricity. Engineers are currently working on new ways to help the growth of solar energy, make it more efficient, cost effective, and attractive …show more content…
This first engine stayed on display at Mr. Shuman’s house, in a suburb of Philadelphia, and worked for over two years. Mr. Shuman then went on to get a patent for a 2.2 Kilowatt engine that pumped thousands of barrels of water per day and was built in his backyard (Collins). In a meeting with potential investors, he used his “forceful personality and brilliant sales patter” and “made solar energy seem inevitable and persuaded investors that they would lose out if they weren’t in at the start” (Collins). With the money he earned from that meeting, he took a team to Egypt and built a 1200 square meet plant that ran 24 hours a day and was easily accessible for repairs and strong in its construction. After this plant was completed, he had an audience with the Consul General of Egypt and the German Reichstag, who both offered him large plots of lands and huge government grants to build solar energy plantations in their respective countries. Mr. Shuman had a vision that one day the world would be completely dependent on solar power and made the statement “One thing I feel sure of, and that is that the human race must utilise direct sun power or revert to barbarism” (Shuman qtd. in Collins).Although he died before he could see his dream accomplished, a hundred years later solar power is responsible for .5% of electricity generated in the United States (California Solar Energy Industries Association) and 3% in Germany

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