The Importance Of Wind Power

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The proposed state is strategically located on an island in the Mediterranean sea, with an area of 270,000mi2. It is in close proximity to both the Strait of Gibraltar and the Strait of Bab al Mandab. This location allows the waters to be interconnected with Italy, Greece, Morocco, Syria, Turkey and other powers. This access to waterways allows to easily transport goods around the region and the world. Climate depends on a country’s location and it is another factor that determines a country’s success. The temperate climate that this country offers positively affects agriculture, eliminates the chance of tropical diseases as well as any scarcity of water. Furthermore, thanks to its climate and location, the state has fertile land, this improves …show more content…
If renewable energy sources were to fail, the state has easy access to its oil reserves.
The proposed state is one of the best locations for wind power in the world. It contributed 10% of the electricity generation in 2015. This helps the country because the cost of pollution declines. As of this year, it is placed as the third largest producer of wind power. Public opinion shows strong support for wind power.
The sun is a sustainable source of power. Global energy demand is rapidly increasing, and therefore this country has taken advantage of its sustainable source of power to improve its solar power. Becoming one of the world’s largest producers of photovoltaics and solar thermal energy.
The world’s first-largest producer of natural gas, producing an estimated 715 billion cubic meters of gas a year, and the world’s largest exporter shipping an estimated 214 bcm a year. Therefore, this has been one of the top priorities of the country because it has boosted the economy and made it a world power. It also drives down the energy cost domestically, and supply exceeds domestic
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(Thomas, 2008) The principle of realism states that conflict is inevitable, consequently; the power of a state relies on its ability to avoid conflicts. By having a strong military with active troops the state will be fully prepared. In terms of natural defense, the East Side of the country will be made up of Tall Cliffs on the coastline, forming a natural defense against possible attacks. The natural defenses and barriers provided by the geography of the country will be supplemented with strong permanent defenses in case of invasion. According to Mahan, a strong naval power is key to avoiding war. The military and naval strategy consists in maintaining the peace through power and fear. A blue water navy and coast guard possesses 120,000 personnel, with 100 deployable ships and 15 aircrafts. Bases are strategically located in the harbor in the North and South. And a standing ground military of 100,000. Furthermore, the population makes possible for a small air force of

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