Can Alternative Energy Ever Replace Fossil Fuels Essay

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Can Alternative Energy Ever Replace Fossil Fuels?
Climate change and increasing levels of greenhouse gases have become an ever growing problem in the world today. There are many effects of climate change that have been documented from the latter part of the twentieth century until now. This significant change is due to the introduction of industrialization in society and how it has changed the equilibrium of the atmosphere by drastically increasing levels of CO2, a gas emitted from burning fossil fuels. We depend on fossil fuels for electricity and transportation. The problem with fossil fuels is they are not renewable, create air pollution, contribute to climate change, and damage the earth. In the article “Climate Change, Effects of” Richard and Mary Snow believe, “the negative effects of climate change will affect all aspects of society and the natural environment” (271). The future seems to be in alternative, renewable energy sources. The most common are wind and solar. This essay will focus on wind and solar. In what ways are alternative, renewable resources a better option than fossil fuels?
In previous years global warming and greenhouse gases were not number one on the priority list. It is only recently, with pollution
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It is predicted that by 2018 solar could be competitive with fossil fuels. It seems that utility-scale solar is the way to go. It produces lots of clean megawatts quickly and efficiently. Solar thermal plants use the sun’s energy to create steam that powers turbines to generate electricity. Solar thermal power is more efficient and 40% cheaper than power generated with normal solar panels. Marla Dickerson quotes Peter Darbee, president of Pacific Gas & Electric, “climate change is the greatest challenge that mankind has ever faced” (305). The world as a whole should strive to boost green energy and reduce greenhouse

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