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  • NT1330 Unit 1 Assignment

    A lot of on the internet books are available on "how to make a WordPress theme" or "how to convert PSD to a WordPress theme". It is just like modifying PSD to HTML or creating a personalized web style for a set website. Only difference is that you will convert your PSD to a PHP computer file which will be used as Customized Design for weblog. Drupal and Joomla ! ! are also idea based CMS 's that need Web Website Design execute. As a separate web designer, you can earn adequate amount of income, if you comprehend WordPress personalization. WordPress is most widely used free CMS throughout the world. There is a lot of web style execute with related to other CMS also. So I recommend web developers to comprehend PHP. With the ever enhancing reputation of WordPress for all sites and personal weblogs, there is a enhancing need for WordPress expert solutions that would enhance any website 's image and product marketing. Hence, it is possible that website styles need to be modified now and then to keep up with the top quality and image of the organization revealed by the website. Modification…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Internship At Data To Insight Center

    The first and foremost requirement for the website was that they wanted to use it as a platform to post regular updates of the fellowship program. I thought developing a WordPress site would be a good idea since it is very suitable for dynamic content. Then I started the development on my local host at first. I wanted the home page to be mostly static with one section of dynamic content but I did not find any existing themes that fulfill my needs, so I tried to customize the theme and created a…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 3 Interview

    information system database, it should register on our intranet plus our website. That’s pretty much it, that’s what we’re trying to do right now, that’s what we’re looking at, development, getting it into a dynamic environment. 4. What internal and private web applications are available to staff members? The Staff members not only have the public website, but they also have a corporate intranet that basically gives them more information in terms of numbers, classes and schedules. The same…

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  • HTML5: Hyper Text Market Up Language Analysis

    drag and drop. Apache Tomcat Tomcat is a standard reference which is used by servlets and JSP, which can be used as a standalone or can be used with Web server like Apache, Microsoft Server. The main purpose of Apache Tomcat is to allow a servlet and a Java Server Pages which are based on web applications. Apache Tomcat is a web container and by default it provides HTTP connection. Apache Tomcat is an open-source web server which can be downloaded for free. It is developed by Apache Software…

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  • Object Oriented Programming Analysis

    Object-oriented programming has opened the possibility that software components can be constructed and re-used with more credibility. Software developers can create software objects that model real-world objects, and then create variables and methods that constitute the object they are developing. Programming utilizing real-world like objects makes the development process easier and more relatable for the individual or team overall by making it easier to understand how objects are interconnected…

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  • Persyana Case Study

    PHP 18,000 Chairs and Tables PHP 7,000 Salary of Security Guard PHP 491.00 Salary of Store Manager PHP 491.00 V/M Performance Indicators Strategies P.A.T Staff Needed Staff Qualifications Resources/ Equipment Resources Promotion Online through Social Media; Facebook, Instagram, and OLX Flyers and Tarpaulins Collaborations with Actress and Known Influencers Distributing Flyers to Condominiums and high traffic areas Keeping accounts active and updated Giving discounts and…

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  • The Bread Baking Pastry Industry

    Php 525.00 Measuring Spoon A measuring spoon is a spoon used to measure an amount of an ingredient, either liquid or dry, when cooking. Php 195.00 Baking pan A sheet pan, baking tray or baking sheet is a flat, rectangular metal pan used in an oven. It is often used for baking bread rolls, pastries and flat products such as cookies, sheet cakes, swiss rolls and pizzas. Php 499.00 Pastry Brush A pastry brush, also known as a basting brush, is used to spread butter, oil or glaze on…

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  • The Effectiveness Of Continuing Professional Development

    Out of 22 respondents, 8 answered that they were spending Php 5,001 – Php 15,000 (36.36%)for their basic needs. Another 8 responded that they spent Php 15,001 – Php 25,000 (36.36%). 6 said that they were spending over Php 25,000 for their basic needs (27.27%). The result of the survey showed that half of the respondents were spending Php 5,001 – Php 15,000 for one year to obtain CPD units (50%). 3 answered Php 5,000 (13.64%). Another 3 responded that they spent over Php 25,000 for CPD units…

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  • Ministop Swot Analysis

    they make the sandwiches at batches which in turn sacrifices quality. Place Physical Stores Same with 7-11 there are a lot of ministop branches established around metro manila which makes their product easy to reach. Their store are poorly maintained which tarnishes their brand. Price PHP 29 Their…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Mamibeka

    PR.O.1. The price of competitors ranges from the Chicken Inasal: Kubo sa Biak na Bato– Php165 Tripe G- Php 110 JT’s Manukan- Php180 Blue Ginger-Php 240 PR.O.2. For Liempo: Kubo sa Biak na Bato: Php 200 Blue Ginger- Php90 Triple G-Php 135 PR.O.3. For Stuffed Squid: Kubo sa Biak na Bato- Php 260 JTs Manukan-Php 270 PR.O.4. For Pork Barbecue: Blue Ginger-Php 80 per stick JT’s Manukan- P45 per stick P.R. O.5 Blue Ginger and JT’s Manukan is serving their barbecue for 8 inches long with 80…

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