Persyana Case Study

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Persyana, Vision
Our vision is to be known as a retailer of locally made blinds in the Philippines 5 years from now.
Persyana, Mission
Our mission is to provide top of the line locally produced blinds and to help people who are producing native clothes by showcasing their craftsmanship and boost up their self-help handicraft business opportunities.
Persyana, Incorporated Values
Social Responsibility
As a retailer of locally made blinds, we are able to give jobs and support Filipinos who are producing native fabrics for a living. It is our responsibility as a Filipino to patronize locally made materials to be used in our business and to contribute to the betterment of our economy.
Care for God’s creation
We will
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It is our responsibility to maintain a good relationship with our customers by abiding to their preferences and to have a long lasting customer relationship
Value for employees
Good relationship is important in our business. This can result to trust and loyalty to owners and a better production of our blinds. It is our responsibility to give the proper salary and benefits an employee is entitled to. Rewarding our employees if quality is always met will build a good employee and owners relationship
Persyana values what their customers think of their blinds thus we value comments and customer feedbacks. Persyana takes responsibility for all decisions that will be made by the company and employees that will reflect the objectives and goals of the company.
To commit to the product that we are showcasing, Persyana will not only deliver quality products but to provide long lasting satisfaction to customers.
To motivate employees to give 100% of their effort in doing what they are tasked to do. Employees should also be responsible for making the best decision to benefit the company in line with what the owner and customer
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PHP 18,000

Chairs and Tables
PHP 7,000 Salary of Security Guard

PHP 491.00

Salary of Store Manager

PHP 491.00

V/M Performance Indicators Strategies P.A.T Staff Needed Staff Qualifications Resources/
Equipment Resources

Online through Social Media; Facebook, Instagram, and OLX

Flyers and Tarpaulins Collaborations with Actress and Known Influencers

Distributing Flyers to Condominiums and high traffic areas Keeping accounts active and updated

Giving discounts and introductory offers Program
Basic online promotion and webpage


Free Estimate and Installation of Blinds

Tasks: If promotion does not reach the target customers, change the means on promotion * Employee specialized in social media promotions and computer literate Knows how to use the computer

Creative and resourceful in making ads

Updated and aware with the new technology and what’s in Computer
Paper Computer
PHP 23,000

PHP 899

PHP 2500

PHP 250.00

PHP 491.00

V/M Performance Indicators Strategies P.A.T Staff Needed Staff Qualifications Resources/
Equipment Resources

Window Blinds

Quality Materials

Personalized Sizes Same Shade of Fabric

Durable Control sets and

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