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  • Personal Narrative: My Misconception Of Jordan

    My Misconception of Jordan The Middle East was nothing like I experienced it to be. I was expecting to see women fully covered from head to toe and very poor areas. Although that type of lifestyle does exist in the Middle East, I rarely saw it. In the Middle East, I stayed in Amman, Jordan. When I first arrived to my grandmother’s area I noticed every woman had their body and hair covered. The men wore sandals with jeans and regular t-shirts and no one drove nice cars. In Jordan it’s normal to live in an apartment since the only people who lived in houses were wealthy. However, the quality of the apartment is a completely different matter. The apartments in this area were old and dirty with broken doors and…

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  • Bauhaus Unified Architecture

    Unified architecture limited the competition between architects in Amman. Nowadays most of the residents recommend similar styles, there was no space for architects to try and upscale each other. This is also beneficial for architects because now they can practice their field anywhere in the city without facing problems. The Bauhaus style is now accepted everywhere in the city, this left no space for architects to pour their imagination and fail in satisfying the customers. For instance, Abu…

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  • Long Ago Case Study

    running errands and go on carrying normal activities, people started getting involved in commerce. It started in Amman when the Circassions and Chenchens first settled in the valley and later immigrants form Bilad Al Sham. More and more merchant shops appeared, therefore forming the market. These shops, later on, developed in one direction into sophisticated ‘arcades’ and in others into today’s street markets. i.e: Share' Al Wakalat. Due to weather conditions, arcades were a sensible decision. …

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  • Write An Essay On Ghada's Life

    upon amount of money and has his consent to the divorce. Divorce is frowned upon and could ruin her reputation. If she did ask for a divorce her father would not let her come back home because she must learn to make it work. “Ghada’s personal circumstances – an unhappy domestic situation and a pronounced lack of viable alternatives – are inextricably entwined with her identity as a Palestinian villager living under Israeli occupation and the political dynamics of the Arab – Israeli…

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  • Otc/Prescription Drug Abuse Case Study

    DISCUSSION In-depth-interviews with OTC/prescription drug abusers in Amman city provided us with a deeper overview about the problem from a different perspective. However, the main limitation to carry on this interview with is that abuser may lie and not tell the truth as on our case he said the main cause that lead him to addiction is seeing his friend dying in front of him 10 years ago , but he is addicted for more than 19 years . The following is the discussion of the main qualitative…

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  • Narrative Essay On A Family Vacation

    We were on a family vacation, but not any family vacation. There were 70 people on this trip. It was the summer of 2016, we went to Amman and decided to go to Aqaba. The hotel was packed with my family. Everywhere I go, I was positive that I won't get lost, because I was certain that I would find one of my family members somewhere. I felt safe and secure. They played, they swam, they did most of the activities that I was not able to do at that time because I sadly had my menstrual cycle. A few…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To Jordan

    A soft tone sounds through the speakers, and the pilot instructs everyone on the plane to prepare for our final descent into the vast desert of Amman, where my wonderful second life exists. The nerve-wracking landing concludes, and the grueling process of exiting the massive plane begins. Our family decides, based on our proximity to the front, whether it is in our best interest to wait for the plane to entirely clear out before we began to collect our bags and leave, or jump up the moment the…

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  • Why I Want To Pursue A Scholarship

    1. Pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts at the University of Pennsylvania would allow me the opportunity to work alongside professionals, involving me in important research of the socio-political concerns in the Middle East. The MLA program will provide me with an accommodating schedule to fulfill a degree that will integrate advanced Arabic language courses with political coursework on the Arab world. This, I believe, would be the ideal opportunity to further my passion for Arabic studies in the…

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  • Hezbollah Compare And Contrast Essay

    Salafism, is fundamentalist approach to Islam, with Prophet Mohammad as their leader. They shun bid’ah, and support Sharia (Islamic law)4 (Alexandria and Amman, The Economist. 27 June 2015) Looking at the nass- known, or clear, legal injunction5 (Sachedina 1981: 137) and the apparent side is the basic stand to understand the faith. Their religious texts are Quraan and Hadith devoid of any interpretations or any interpretations of religious writings, which are based on history and philosophy,…

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  • The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back Analysis

    up roadblocks in the Jordanian capital of Amman. Still, the Regime had to step carefully. Hasty action would risk causing a rift within Jordan. However no action would simply allow the underlying problems to worsen until they reached an uncontrollable boiling point. In early September, things got even worse. An attempt was made to assassinate King Hussein. As his convoy approached the airport, it was attacked. It was into this climate of high tension that hijackings occurred.12 Black September:…

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