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    NAEGLARIA FOWLERI: THE BRAIN EATING AMOEBA? Primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM) is a devastating yet rare hemorrhagic infection of the brain caused by Naeglaria Fowleri, the only know amoeba to infect humans. PAM is associated with a rapid onset even in healthy individuals, who have been swimming in freshwater such as swimming pools, lakes and streams. For this reason, it has the potential to be an outbreak in New Zealand. Naeglaria Fowleri is only able to infect individuals through entering the navel passages, from here they attach to the nasal mucosa, which allows the amoeba to travel through cribriform plate using the olfactory nerves, resulting in access to the frontal lobe. The result of which is a sudden onset of bi-frontal or bi-temporal headaches, nausea, and irritability. However, seeing that the amoebae gain access to the frontal lobe relatively quickly leads to hemorrhagic necrosis and purulent exudates, which is a high protein concentration fluid that is released in cell necrosis, more commonly known as pus. The Astonishing factor about Naeglaria Fowleri is the fact that an onset can occur within 24 hours and death, with exception of one case usually occurs within a week making PAM very dangerous to New Zealand. Seeing that Infection can occur in any person who has been swimming in infected waters, as humans hold not innate defenses against the amoeba. Previous cases like those seen in 1984 happened with a 10-day period and effected those who had been…

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    varies 10-100nm.Unlikely prokaryotes, which have a certain shape, eukaryotes do not really have a specific shape that is defined. Organelles are the things that make eukaryote cells to be eukaryote. Eukaryote cells consist of: mitochondria, Golgi, ER, vacuoles, chloroplasts, lysosomes, nucleus, etc. The organelles that a cell has might vary from the type of the cell. Unfortunately, not all the parts of the cell might be observed under the light microscope because only the large organelles can be…

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