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  • Mohamed Bah Theory

    Theory Application: Mohamed Mohamed Bah grew up in a small village in Sierra Leone called Motema (p. 98). When he was a young boy he lived with his mother but then went to live with his older brother, 1 of 25 siblings, in Freetown, Sierra Leone (p. 98). Mohamed follows the Muslim faith, has short hair, skin the color of coffee beans, and a deep widows peak (p. 84). While in Freetown, Mohamed attended the Hope Day School and was given the opportunity to come to the United States of America (US) for five weeks after winning a history competition sponsored by Christian missionaries from the First Church of Christ-Congressional (p. 127). In 2006, Mohamed entered the US with a travel visa that was intended to cover a 5 week stay, but Mohamed never…

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  • Sierra Leone Gender Gap Analysis

    country. Peter Moyi points out that “since the end of the war, school enrollment has increased and the number of school age children who are out of school remains high” (Moyi). As stated earlier, most children who are out of school are young females because they weren’t seen as priority (Bangura). This exemplifies how the gender gap of enrollment of boys and girls in schools will increase because a large number of the children who aren’t enrolled in school are females. Another aspect that…

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  • Ishmael Beah's A Long Way Gone

    The sweet taste of a mango, her first food after the attack, reaffirmed her desire to live, but the challenge of clutching the fruit in her bloodied arms reinforced the grim new reality that stood before her. In her review, Carina describes the book as, “The Bite of the Mango is the story of how Kamara lost her hands in a rebel attack in Sierra Leone, and – even more so – about how she lives afterwards” (12). With no parents or living adult to support her and living in a refugee camp, she turned…

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  • Narrative Essay On Freetown

    Its 2098 and a small town or what the citizens call Freetown is being invaded. Two friends that call Freetown their home are going to fix this problem. Their names are Jake and Sally. Jake and Sally go way back they have been friends since they were born. Sally’s mom died when she was 4 years old so she was left with her father for most of her life. When Jake was 15 his mom and dad died in a car wreck that left him with no one to live with because all of his family members lived miles away so he…

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  • Cheap Flights To Accra Essay

    cheap tickets to Luanda. Lusaka Cheap Flights to Lusaka (LUN) Zambia from UK | Travel with (----) Booking cheap flights to Lusaka, Zambia is incredibly simple at (---). Just choose dates, number of passengers, specifying the number of adults and children. Click "Search Now" to start searching flights from UK to Lusaka with the settings you defined. Within a second you can see all the best and cheap tickets to Lusaka available at (-----) that match your desires. Freetown Cheap Flights to…

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  • Sierra Leone Rebellion Analysis

    which linked rural areas to Freetown was taken apart in the early 1970s with no replacement of a road network (1). In 1990, access to safe water and sanitation was 83% and 59% for urban areas while only 22% and 35% had access in rural areas (1). The reason for Stevens to create rural isolation came from the Freetown's support in favour of Stevens in the elections held in 1967 (1). This support allowed Stevens to come into power and win a parliamentary seat (1). However later on, the politically…

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  • My Hometown Ishmael Beah Essay

    Although Ishmael Beah was very fortunate to escape Sierra Leone, millions of other poor, innocent civilians were not lucky enough to flee their war-ravaged homeland. Similarly to the first two highlights, the next two passages work together to display the progression of damage that war takes on the country of Sierra Leone, specifically its capital city of Freetown. A passage from pages 146-152 clearly highlights Freetown as a busy, religious, and magnificent city filled with bustling streets of…

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  • Ishmael Beah's Memoirs Of Sierra Leone War

    Although the emotional effects the terrifying events Ishmael Beah experienced may have been real, some of the actual circumstances were clearly exaggerated, including amplifying the severity of the situation after the rebels attacked Freetown, and the amount of time he spent as a soldier (that is, if he spent any time at all.) Muctaru Wurie, the author of “Ishmael Beah’s Memoirs of Sierra Leone War – A Long Way From The Truth,” lived in Freetown during the same time, and described the situation…

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  • A Long Way Gone Ishmael Beah Analysis

    I lost my hearing for several minutes” (121). The drugs are new to Beah. They become the new normal. Ishmael Beah has lived in two worlds, in and out of the war concluding the fulfillment stage. Ishmael Beah completes The Hero’s Journey as he returns with the message of hope for survival in difficult times. He goes back to Freetown, where his uncle lives. He goes back to the place where his Journey starts. After the return, he leaves: “A few days after my uncle was buried, I was finally able to…

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  • A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

    of the garrison there presents the boys with the choice of joining the army or attempting to evade the rebels in the undergrowth around the town--neither of which the boys want to do . “ A soldier wearing civilian clothes /… stepped up to a rack of AK-47s and handed one to each of us”(Beah 109). Ishmael 's troop of boys make the fateful decision of becoming soldiers supporting the theme continuously seen of doing whatever needs to be done to survive. After he is withdrawn from the front lines…

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