Mohamed Bah Theory

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Theory Application: Mohamed Mohamed Bah grew up in a small village in Sierra Leone called Motema (p. 98). When he was a young boy he lived with his mother but then went to live with his older brother, 1 of 25 siblings, in Freetown, Sierra Leone (p. 98). Mohamed follows the Muslim faith, has short hair, skin the color of coffee beans, and a deep widows peak (p. 84). While in Freetown, Mohamed attended the Hope Day School and was given the opportunity to come to the United States of America (US) for five weeks after winning a history competition sponsored by Christian missionaries from the First Church of Christ-Congressional (p. 127). In 2006, Mohamed entered the US with a travel visa that was intended to cover a 5 week stay, but Mohamed never …show more content…
142). Mohammed was a motivated young boy who had high hopes and aspirations. At one point, Mohamed wanted to be a doctor and return to Sierra Leone to help his people (p. 141). His biggest motivation was to attend college and become a documented citizen in the U.S. (p. 96). Despite choosing to remain in the US with no family or resources, and hearing of his father’s death back in Sierra Leone, Mohamed persevered (p. 86). One of the teachers at International described Mohamed as having charisma and being ready to conquer the world (p. 84). Though witnessing abuse between his mother and father, coming the U.S. and “getting lost” while in New York at “fourteen”, and having no one in his corner, Mohamed still made the best of his situation. Teachers at International High School has have a hard time getting Mohamed to recount accurately how he landed in their school and they often find his stories to have gaps in them, but Mohamed is the expert on his situation and only he knows what is accurate. Mohamed’s most effective helping relationship is that of his art teacher and legal guardian, Cindy. Cindy helps Mohamed in many ways ranging from providing him with consistency, correcting his grammar, paying attention to his health needs, and most important to Mohamed, supporting him obtain legality in the …show more content…
Since Mohamed’s goal is to obtain a green card (CITE PAGE) and attend college, it is up to the worker to provide support to Mohamed in accomplishing that while being transparent. The worker can work alongside Mohamed, Cindy, and Mohamed’s immigrant lawyer to try to help Mohammed obtain a green card. The worker can also work alongside Mohamed to create goals he would like to achieve such as going to college and provide him a helping relationship to achieve those goals.
Conflict Theory Application and Practice Recommendation
Initially, Mohamed was not going to be granted a travel visa to come to the U.S. if it had not been for the First Church of Christ-Congressional. After being unsuccessful securing a travel visa for Mohamed, the church used its power and influence to get in touch with a Republican woman and the ambassador to the Republic of Sierra Leone to bypass the “red tape” they had been facing (p. 132). Once in the U.S., the church decided that Mohamed would stay with the Donaldson’s, a dominant culture white American family (p. 133). Mohamed adjustment to living in the U.S. was a shocking

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