Ali Hediyat Case Study

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Ali Hediyat, born in Herat Afghanistan in September 24th, 1984. Ali immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia in the year 2000 when he was 16 years old, where he later on sponsored the rest of his family. Although Ali was only 16 years old he was old enough to know more than the average person around his age group. Ali came to Canada with very limited money, with only $10 to his name he still managed to somehow survive. After spending his first 5 years as a welfare refugee he was working illegally making under the table cash for a private business owner who was also from the same nationality as he was. At the restaurant when Ali was working his night shifts he began to become closer and closer with this one girl who seemed like she was from the same nationality as Ali and the …show more content…
After all those 5 years of working hard, Ali finally had enough money saved up to sponsor his Father, Mother, Brother, and his cousin who was his Aunt’s son (from his Mom’s side). It was not too long until Ali’s Father, Mohammad and the rest of his family migrated to British Columbia until Mohammad found out he’s diagnosed with Prostate cancer. As everyone in Ali’s family, including his girlfriend Razia, was going insane after hearing the upsetting news nobody really payed attention to Ali’s cousin Ahmad, who was also in the same shoes as Ali when he first migrated to Canada. Ahmed was a very quiet and was always a hard worker, even back home in Afghanistan, he would always work morning, afternoon, and night just so he can support his family, since his Father passed away. After Mohammad and the rest of the family became more and more attached, they became closer to each other as they would count their blessings for having each

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