Narrative Essay On Freetown

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Its 2098 and a small town or what the citizens call Freetown is being invaded. Two friends that call Freetown their home are going to fix this problem. Their names are Jake and Sally. Jake and Sally go way back they have been friends since they were born. Sally’s mom died when she was 4 years old so she was left with her father for most of her life. When Jake was 15 his mom and dad died in a car wreck that left him with no one to live with because all of his family members lived miles away so he had to learn to take care of himself. Since all this happened Jake and Sally live together but aren’t dating or anything related to that.
“Wake up Jake wake up,” Sally said you have to see this. Jake stands up out of his old squeaky bed and looks around
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Right after she said what she said to herself she turned around and said
“Roger over here now”
Roger said “No i’m not coming with you go on your own,”
Then Allison yelled “Get over here I need to tell you something ,”
He wasn’t sure if he was really going to get told something or if she was going to make him go with her but he was willing to see what it was. Roger walked up and Allison told him to keep this a secret what she is going to tell him.
Allison said “Roger we have to keep it a secret that we came to lead them halfway and then kill them,”
Roger said “Allison I never made that promise with you if you want to you can try on your own i’m not killing friends don’t you want friends and not just 24 hour friends,”
Allison was speechless she thought Roger was like her but he wasn’t. After yelling at Allison Sally ran up and said
“Is everything okay over here I heard

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