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  • Ambi Pur Advertisement Analysis

    Advertisement Analysis Paper The average person uses the restroom six to eight times per day. This totals to about two thousand five hundred times a year. It’s no surprise that there is a vast market for the bathroom cleaning industry filled with millions of products, slogans, and advertisements. This advertisement in particular is for Ambi Pur, a toilet bowl cleaner. The focal point of this advertisement is an old woman’s face. She has a stern, sophisticated look as she caresses a toilet brush across her chest and onto her shoulder. Her hands, which are dressed in latex cleaning gloves, are placed on top of the young, shirtless man’s arm. He is caressing her from behind and his deep eyes on his chiseled face stare lustily at the older women as she gazes off into the distance. This whole picture is in black and white, except the product in the immediate foreground which is purple and blue. Beside the product are the words “Now that’s an eau de toilette”. This advertisement is directed towards women, particularly those who stay at home and clean, and it also uses positioning of the models and color to send the consumer subjective messages to buy the product. Looking at this photo, it is not difficult to come to a conclusion regarding what kind of consumers this advertisement is directed towards. The older women in the center is the focal point, making the consumers other older ladies like her. The company made strategical decisions while designing this ad in order to appeal…

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  • Incivility And Civility Essay

    Incivility and civility play a major role within our society. Incivilities are more prominent compared to acts of civility. Discrimination, racism and ethnicity are three major issues faced in schools all over the world. During my freshman year of high school I experienced many forms of incivility, but after getting through these issues and realizing there are good, selfless people in this world, I was able to have an impact on another girl’s life. It was a regular Monday recess when I was…

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  • Po Pourri Rhetorical Analysis

    The Advertisement of Poo Pourri There are several ways advertisers can catch ones attention and earn their money. Some of the techniques are subtle while others are obvious. Advertisers use pictures, celebrity endorsements, and promises of what their product can do for the consumer to improve their lives. Advertisers use many different techniques in their campaign to make the consumer feel compelled to purchase their products. Persuasion in many different forms is a powerful technique used…

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  • The Devil And Tom Walker Gothic Elements

    passed the narrator and he tried swinging a hatchet at it. “But this blow was arrested by the hand of [his] wife” (Poe 4). In a fit of rage, he “withdrew [his] arm from her grasp and buried the axe in her brain” (Poe 4). Given these points, in Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children, Jacob (who is the protagonist) was the one receiving the violent acts. After entering the time loop, Jacob returns to his motel. Only to be encompassed by vile, malevolent patrons; accusing him of being a german…

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  • Joy Konawa's Obasan Essay

    She does not feel at home because her parents are not a part of her life anymore, Naomi is raised by her aunt. This exile from home enriches Naomi to become independent at a young age, She helps take care of Nomura-obasan. She faces racism at a very young age, she is blamed for throwing a cat down an outhouse by a girl with white hair, “ you threw my kitten down there… I didn’t do it… you did too” (188). she also faces racism when she enters an outhouse and everyone quickly exit. After she…

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  • Alexander Cummings Inventions

    created every single day, and some of them are powerful enough to change our world and the way we live. One example of this is the modern toilet, which was invented by Alexander Cummings. In order to keep the water at the bottom of the bowl, Cummings made the S-valve in 1775; this prevented smelly gas from coming into the home. From there on out, doing your business was one hundred times easier. Even though we sometimes take toilets for granted, they are one of the few inventions that changed my…

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  • 19th Century Immigration Analysis

    (Brackemyre, T., 2015) Many of these epidemics were especially deadly for children. Almost two percent of the newborn’s in New York in 1840, failed to make it to their first birthday. In the summer months children and infants were extremely susceptible to diseases with diarrhea. They would become severely dehydrated and without adequate care they would die (The Underside of Urban Life, (2014) At that time in the 19th century, New York had a primitive sewage system. There were poorly planned…

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  • Boy Scouts Journey

    canoe back to shore and dump all the water out, but the day did get better. Toward the end of the canoe trip for the day, the troop took a stop at a small island called little rock. Everyone had lunch and did some cliff jumping. Once all tired out the troop paddled for another hour to their next campsite and enjoyed the sunset over the lake. Towards the end of the trip, the troop went back to little rock for lunch and more cliff jumping. After lunch, the troop headed out to their campsite…

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  • Shigella Case Studies

    ranging from mild abdominal pain, to acute cramping, violent diarrhea and fever. Blood, pus, and mucus may be found in the stool of the host in more severe cases. Incubation period can be anywhere between 12 and 96 hours, and recovery may range from 5 to 7 days2. Shigella outbreaks may occur as a result of a food handler/server being a carrier and not practicing efficient hand washing techniques. Shigella can also be transmitted to large numbers of people via a contaminated water source. Less…

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  • The Help: Skeeter Phelan

    and their maids come over and play cards and the maids bring food and serve them during the game. Hilly treats all of the maid as if they are lower than anyone on the planet. In my mind, Hilly deserves everything she had coming to her in the film. She had started this health home initiative where it required every home in the Jackson to have a separate bathroom outside because their black maid carries different diseases than the rest of the family because of her skin color. One day when it was…

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