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  • Ebola Epidemic Report

    infected cells this increases the efficiency of the infection and the rate it can spread. The response of the word to the Ebola epidemic was made by the world health organization UNICEF supported the training of social workers, a surveillance scheme has been set up for the next 2 years to search for the thwart a emergence of the deadly pathogen ,the deployment of over 4000 heath care workers by…

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  • SEIR Model Case Study Of Measles

    Factors in Modeling: For measles specifically, both birth and vaccination rates heavily influence the resulting outbreak patterns associated with the disease. Through several case studies conducted by Earn, Rohani, and Bolker, it is revealed that higher birthrates typically indicate a cyclic pattern in measles epidemics, while lower birth rates combined with high vaccination rates result in irregular patterns (Earn, Rohani, & Bolker, 668). This phenomenon was especially apparent in the United…

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  • Solutions For Disease Control

    The global epidemic of infectious diseases is a major concern and will continue to be until more steps are taken to control it. History has proven the lack of control we have when it comes to disease. A real solution to infectious diseases spread by globalization is nearly nonexistent. The only solution that will succeed won 't be through solving the problem as a whole, but to control certain points of the disease and how it is transmitted. We can achieve this by making new international and…

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  • Heroin Epidemic

    Heroin is flowing in the streets of the suburbs that surround our schools, where teens and young adults are dying of overdoses daily. I am talking about the heroin epidemic, a silent disease that has risen yet again. There is not enough awareness nor help for opiate addiction and the users that succumb to its temptation. Heroin use has drastically increased 63 percent over the past decade, and with that the overdoses have doubled (Curry, 2015). It is a common misconception that heroin is…

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  • Obesity Epidemic

    Obesity has become a major health problem in the United States. The number of people who are obese has continued to rise and is now in epidemic proportions. Along with the number of adults increasing, the number of children who are obese has significantly increased as well. With the increase in obesity, there has been an increase in the number of both adults and children who are developing type 2 diabetes. Obesity has many causes, some are changeable and some are not. The first possible causes…

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  • The Epidemic Of Pregnancy

    PREGNANCY In the society that we live in today the term “Pregnancy” tends to scare at a lot of people no matter the age, race or sexuality. Pregnancy for some can be a scary experience if you are not mentally and financially prepared for the life long journey of parenting. The statistics of pregnancy will always change from year to year, from www.StaticBrain.com with the main source being the CDC (Center of disease control and Prevention state “Annual number of miscarriages is 600,000. The…

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  • The Epidemic Of Smoking

    Through the years, smoking has become one of the largest epidemics in the world and according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking remains to be one of the single largest preventable causes of death and disease. Smoking has led to different causes such as increased social problems, increased financial restraints, and vulnerability to the smoker. Smoking causes the social life of the smoker to change. Smoking leads to an odorous smell, bad breath and isolation. The…

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  • The Meth Epidemic Analysis

    documentary, The Meth Epidemic, highlights the specific issues of the destructiveness of meth on users, their families, and their communities, Oregon’s approach to its meth problem, and the struggle of law enforcement agencies with pharmaceutical companies that resist the strict regulation of the basic ingredients used to cook meth. The overall message of the film is that the Oregon solution to meth addiction is effective because it stops meth manufacturers from…

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  • The Epidemic Of Cyberbullying

    How would you feel if your child came home one day and stated that there were getting bullied? Would you brush it off as if it was unimportant? Would you simply say “it will be okay, just tell them to stop”? What if it was on the computer, would you take the device away or would you have the notion that kids will be kids? Every single minute of every single day, people are constantly being cyberbullied. It tears people apart and hurts them not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.…

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  • Epidemic Essay On Obesity

    Obesity, the World Epidemic Appalling research shows that in the year 2009, people with less than a high school degree had the highest obesity rate at 32.9%. High school graduates (29.5%) and college drop-outs (29.1%) have about the same obesity percentage, having only a 0.4% difference. College graduates have the lowest obesity rate of 20.8% (Insider Monkey). Recent estimates attribute about 112,000 deaths each year in the United States due to obesity (PDRhealth.com). Obesity has become a…

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