Descriptive Essay: The Animal Collector

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The Animal Collector

In a large enterprise building, the CEO Mr Gregory lies nonchalantly on his revolving chair covered with the lush brown coat of a grizzly bear. He was looking out into the marvelous Settle skyline through a floor-to-ceiling window when his attention was attracted to something else, it was a palm-sized specimen of an endangered mouse-lemur he had recently obtained from Madagascar placed on an elaborate stand on his desk. It had eyes just as bright and lively as it was before, even though it is now only an ornament next to the collector’s desktop. He then continues to marvel at the rest his animal collection occupying almost half of his gigantic office. Ranging from the rare albino moose head to the extinct tasmanian tiger.
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He kept on reassuring himself that the operation would be successful and there wouldn’t be any consequences. It has been 2 months when a long awaited phone call finally arrives, with the leader of the gang telling him that the operation was surprisingly successful since they were able to intercept the truck that was transporting the tortoise which had very little security and was highly exposed. Mr Gregory was so ecstatic to hear the news that he didn’t pay much attention to the details but rather asked them to immediately ship it to him and within a few hours, it has arrived through express delivery. The stuffed giant tortoise was an impressive view, its long slender neck and majestic shell made it stand out amongst all the other animals and the lively round eyes seemed to peer out onto everything around him with curiosity. Mr Gregory has never been as pleased before and for next few day, all he would do is to admire the specimen with great …show more content…
A short while after obtaining the Lonesome George, the police paid a visit to the office with an official search warrant. In fact the government has been waiting for years to search his properties because of the rumors about his illegal collection of animals, yet due to his power and lack of evidence, they were unable to do so. It was only when Ms Evans contacted the police few months ago about the corruption Mr Gregory had tried to perform on her that they came up with the plan to install a hidden camera within the a fake specimen of the tortoise in order to film his collection. Knowing from the widespread news in the black market of Mr Gregory hiring people to steal the tortoise, the police devised a plan to allow the thieves to easily steal the specimen and after placing it with other collections, his secrets maybe revealed through the recordings. The plan worked out perfectly and now that Mr Gregory’s huge unauthorized collection of animal are exposed to the world, he is forced to a 20 year sentence for various crimes such as poaching endangered animals and corrupting government official. All of the animal specimens are sent to the American Museum of Natural History in honour for Ms Evans’ service which helped them to discover the truth and for the world to appreciate the wildlife to help preserve the endangered

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