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  • Lack Of Sustainability

    How the Lack of Sustainability Impacts our world For decades the world has been facing an ever increasing crisis in which the sustainability of our planet is not strong enough to support the expanding population. As our population grows, the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere increases dramatically, causing a change in our climate that threatens the balance of nature. This essay will touch on just a few of the adverse impacts that a lack of sustainability in our world has had on…

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  • Everly Brothers Concert Report

    Every once in awhile, you get the opportunity to attend something special, emotional and lasting. Last week I attended the 19th Annual Music Master Awards/ Conference/Tribute Concert for The Everly Brothers. I will cherish and remember the conference but especially the concert forever. When I think about it today I have two distinct emotions, joy and a tear. At the conference we saw some very rare footage of The Everly Brothers, film clips from Germany and England not seen by my many until…

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  • Sioux Tribe Compare And Contrast

    Essay Did you know that the Sioux, Haida, Inuit are three of Canada’s first people? They all have more in common than you might think. The Haida, Inuit, and the Sioux all are the same and different at the same time. The tribes all hunt, speak languages, build houses and create art. Tribes Alike Even though the Haida, Inuit, and the Sioux sound different, they have a lot of things in common. The Haida, Sioux, and Inuit all hunt. The reason hunting is common among the tribes, is…

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  • Reflection Of Reflections On Teaching And Learning

    Reflections on Teaching & Learning: Your Lesson Evaluation should include EACH of the following: Decisions about the plan • Why did you choose to use these specific teaching strategies? I felt that an inquiry-based strategy would be beneficial to the students, because I wanted to allow them to make their own hypothesis and then conduct experiments making their own observations before providing them with information and details. This allowed them to make personal connections with what they…

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  • JP Morgan Chase Case Study

    Introduction I chose the national bank JP Morgan Chase. The reason I chose this global company is because I wanted to research a topic that was a part of my major. I want to major in finance and possibly accounting then one day go into banking so I saw it fitting that I chose this company. “JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one of the oldest, largest and best-known financial institutions in the world.” (JP Morgan Chase 2016). This company goes all the way back to 1799. JP Morgan Chase operates in over…

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  • Polar Bear Research Paper

    Polar bears are a species of bear these bears have a white fur that helps hide them in their habitat. Polar bears evolved one to three million years ago from the brown or grizzly bears. They are the only bear species to be marine mammals. The Polar bears habitat is being threatened by humans and Global Warming. Because their habitats are being threatened and scientist are working to stop global warming so, the animal in North pole can be saved this including the Polar bears. Polar bears have…

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  • Timothy Treadwell Analysis

    Treadwell’s understanding of human relations to animals (specifically to bears) is that they are his soul mates and his salvation. Timothy has dedicated his life to protecting and studying the bears in the Alaskan land. The bears, he says, are inspirational, gave him a life, and they helped him become a better person (i.e. help him give up drinking). Timothy exclaims several times that he will die for the animals. Timothy behaves like the bears and lives in their territory. Perhaps, since he…

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  • Why We Should Polar Bears Be Conserved

    The polar bears are a fascinating species that are able to survive under extreme conditions that most animals would not be able to live in. By the end of the century, two-thirds of the world’s polar bear population could disappear. The polar bear population should be conserved. Polar bears are endangered due to global warming or Earth’s change in climate. Another key role in their endangerment is pollutants that are toxic and damaging to a polar bear’s body. A big cause is illegal hunting, where…

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  • Museum Accurator: Theodore Roosevelt

    *silence* Museum curator: Heh… well I think that’s a Teddy Bear! Wouldn’t…

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  • Forest Fire Management Policies

    The national landscapes in the United States are some of the most abundant and well-managed regions in the world. They provide our country with ample resources and aesthetic, spiritual, and socio-cultural values. Unfortunately the effects of climate change are deteriorating our national forests. Drier summers and wetter winters are already affecting regions in the West, causing projections for forest fires to increase in severity, frequency, and scale. Forest fire management policies have…

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