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  • Personal Narrative: Newfoundland

    we own now, Hoosier, is the size of a horse! On 2 legs, he would be about 6 feet tall. He’s a Landseer, meaning he’s black and white. We have bred three litters with our dog Saydee. The puppies are not that commonly bred around here, so people from Iowa, Indiana, and even a family from California have come to buy them! They were bred in Newfoundland, Canada to hunt bears. Yes, bears. They’re very strong dogs, but they’re very kind. Gentle giants, if you will. I’ve had some great memories with…

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  • Theme Of Social Isolation In Through Black Spruce

    Through Black Spruce illustrates how the social isolation of an individual can lead to that individual’s identity dramatically shifting. Social isolation refers to the state of lacking a solid community. Social isolation does not have to refer to physical detachment from society. A person can even feel isolated and lonely among a crowd if he feels as though he does not fit in with the people within that crowd. In Through Black Spruce, the character of Will illustrates the identity changes that…

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  • Difference Between Deer And Elk

    The Deer and Elk Who do you think will win out of a whitetail deer and elk if they fought even tho simple look and act the same. Deer and elk have similarities and differences in the habitat,diet,and traits.Elk and deer look and act the same but in some ways they are not exactly the same. Elk and deer both have great traits for life in the wild. They both have big tough horns,but elk’s horns go back while deer’s horns up. Deer and elk are both brown. Deer are usually 125-200…

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  • Bear Month Persuasive Speech

    vidently June is bear month. Here are just a few of the June 2012 headlines: • Payson, Arizona - two attacks in one week • British Colombia, Canada - man attacked while in his hot tub at home • Cape Cod, Massachusetts - rare sighting of animal roving Cape Cod • Boulder, Colorado - animal roaming campus of University of Colorado • Greenwich, New Jersey - bear wandering neighborhood • Grafton, New Hampshire - woman attached at her back door • Manchester, New Hampshire - found wandering streets of…

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  • Touching Spirit Bear: A Symbol Of Native American Culture

    Bears are creative creatures that most people are afraid of, but not Cole from “Touching Spirit Bear.” Bears can be dark brown, gray, bluish, light brown, black, and many other colors. Almost all bears have sharp claws and teeth. They can also smell very keen or good. With the height ranging around three to five feet. Some live by campsites so they eat inedible things. Bears are good at climbing trees, and swimming with ease. They usually only attack when they feel surprised, or threatened.…

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  • Gender Roles In The Berenstain Bear

    Berenstain Bears, written by Jan, Stan, and Mike Berenstain. The two books And Too Much Junk Food and Get Ready for School will be my analysis material. I will look at how this social problem is coded by analyzing the portrayal of the mother, father, brother, and sister bears, and how they relate to each other. Each of the characters in The Berenstain Bears children’s books display traditional and outdated gender roles, and these portrayals are apparent in each of the books. The father and son…

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  • Timothy Treadwell: A Preventable Tragedy

    Grizzly Bears are ferocious, furry creatures that may appear to be soft and cuddly but come armed with sharp claws, and huge teeth. The males can weigh up to 600 pounds and the females can weigh up to 440 pounds. Every year in North America alone there are at least three fatalities of humans who are mauled by bears. According to Boy Scouts of America the best advice to prevent attacks from Grizzly Bears is to avoid them all together. If someone must travel through the habitat of a bear it is…

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  • Eric Carle's Effect On Children

    Writing children’s books is a special way to interact and often influence many generations of children. To make a lasting and favorable affect the artist has to get to the heart of a child and meet them where they live as well as spark their curiosity. There have been many well known artists and illustrators who have achieved this high level of notoriety, Eric Carle is of my favorites for children. Eric Carle has a special way to reach out to the children, through color, shape, and words. Each…

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  • Smokey The Bear Ad Analysis

    persuade the viewer to buy the product or be part of a service. The advertisement I chose to analyze is Smokey the Bear. Smokey the Bear was first seen in a 1944 poster in which he is asking American folks to help prevent human-caused wildfires. Wearing just dungaree jeans and a ranger yellow hat with his name labeled on it and holding a shovel, Smokey the Bear has become a well-known American symbol. This ad was successful in the use of plain folk, emotional appeal, and loaded words. This ad…

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  • Red Panda Research Paper

    The red panda, also known as a lesser panda or Ailurus Fulgens, is a mammal native to southwestern China and eastern Himalayas. Since 1996 it has been labeled as an endangered species. It is also the last representative of the family Ailuridae and although it may have panda in its name, it is not related to the giant panda which is of the Ursidae family. The red panda has reddish-brown hair along with a long and furry tail. It is slightly larger than a domestic cat and feeds mainly on…

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