American Black Bear

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  • Why Do Polar Bears Face?

    young little polar bear followed his mother towards the cool Ocean, delighting as he stepped into it. It was the first time that he had ever touched water. He splashed around, his instincts telling him exactly what to do, how to swim. This is the beginning of a polar bear's life, after a few weeks of nursing and nourishment. The mother will teach him how to get his meals (mostly seals), and all the other things necessary for survival. In this paper,several questions about the polar bear will be…

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  • The Honey Short Story

    streetlight with a jar of honey, and a bear pulled up in his 1984 chevy express van and asked, “Is that honey you got there.” Thomas replied, “Yup I buy a jar every day.” Then he asked the bear, “Would you like some?” The bear answered, “Yes,” and jumped out of his van. He ate all the honey. Then he took Thomas and put him in the van. He took off with him. He sped through town. He took Thomas into a building in the middle of town. It was the honey store. The bear bought 18 jars of honey and went…

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  • What Happened To Good People?

    so every time I peddled it evidently led to me falling down. Simran was only 6 when she was teaching me, yet she was calm and patient with me. In the process of remembering that, I woke up and looked around my room. A little teddy bear stood on my desk. That teddy bear was given to me by Anuj. The little grey rock had a banner which said, “I will miss you!” I stared at the idol for a couple of seconds, yet this time I did not cry. I realized that nothing was going to stop them from moving. I…

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  • Killbear Park Research Paper

    tombstone should have 1892 instead? And then there is the other story about how he died — by being killed by a bear north of Parry Sound resulting in naming Killbear Park after the bear. (The naming of this park, from Killbear Point, is more likely named from the Objiwe Mukwa-Nayosh meaning 'Bear Kill '. In conformation the 1866 map of McDougall Twp has the peninsula labelled as Kill Bear Point.) There is a resolution to the above curious and confusing information. The tombstone is correct and…

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  • Polar Bear Bias

    example, Photographer of ‘horrible thin’ polar bear hopes to inspire climate change fight (CBC) is far more biased towards fighting climate change than, Photographing skinny polar bears: First person (OD news) by title and contexts. That is to say, the first quote is much more personal and imposing of a particular opinion on the topic, while the second quote…

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  • Rhetorical Techniques Used In Peter Peterson's Hot Pot Fire

    During the summer of 2016, I fought wildland fire for the Weiser Ranger District of the Payette National Forest in Idaho. I worked on a type four heavy engine, E-421. As a firefighter, I was able to witness climate change and increasing fire activity first hand on an off forest assignment to Midas, Nevada. It was there where my module was the first to respond to the Hot Pot Fire. In a little under 36 hours, the Hot Pot Fire spread 123,000 acres. It claimed an abandoned ranch and almost consumed…

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  • Polar Bears Research Paper

    Polar bears live on the sea ice floes, surrounded by the Arctic ocean. They have an abundant source of seawater, which, unfortunately is not drinkable. Sea water is too salty and would make the polar bears thirstier even more. There are no fresh drinkable waters in the Arctic, yet, animals like polar bear require water to survive. However, polar bears can go a very long time without drinking any. They sometimes consume on snow, melting it into water. But, they can’t gain a large quantity of…

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  • Airplane Descriptive Writing

    airplane. I remember I forgot to pack something, it was my teddy bear, I left it at home and now it…

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  • Discuss The Tragic Effects Of Climate Change

    stability of the animals around us.Climate change has tremendously damaged the ecosystem of the polar bears by drifting…

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  • Cold-Blooded Animals: The Terrible Effects Of Global Warming On Animals

    Although animals might struggle to live under the two effects above of global warming for now, animal species completely cannot make it through for the rest of their lifetime because animals cannot improve their bodies’ structures to adapt the change in their habitat. For this effect, cold-blooded animals are specific examples; according to the article “Amphibians Don’t Cozy Up to Warmer Climes,” based on the information of researchers at Stony Brook University, warmer environment shortens…

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