Louisiana Black Bear Essay

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Ursus americanus luteolus, also known as the Louisiana black bear, is a big mammal that can be found along the Lower Mississippi River Valley. This solitary mammal weights between 200 to 400 pounds and it is characterized from other black bears for having a longer, narrower and flatter nose, with larger molar teeth. It has a life cycle similar to many other types of bears; they spend their first couple of years with their mothers. During winters they den, and when they become adults they mate. Their sense of smell is splendid that allows them to smell food from miles away. Their digestive system has allowed them to be able to go without eating, drinking and urinating during denning in winters. Overtime 18 different kinds of black bears have been found. Ursus americanus luteolus is a unique type of black bear that brings pride to the people of Louisiana and that thanks to the Endangered Species Act, the Louisiana black bear is not at risk of …show more content…
When mating takes place, it is almost the only time when Louisiana black bears are not solitary (Ursus Americanus, n.d.). The age they choose to start mating varies from bear to bear, but they usually begin when they are three years old, however some would not start mating until they are eight years old (Ursus Americanus, n.d.). For Louisiana black bears to successfully reproduce the nutrition of the female during summer months is key. Louisiana black bears only reproduce during the winter months in the denning periods, if a Louisiana black bear did not eat enough nutrients during the summer months and is malnourish, then the survival rate and the health levels of the offspring will decrease (Ursus Americanus, n.d.). Once the cubs are born they will spend their first two years learning from their mothers and they will usually separate from her after that and go on their own (Ursus Americanus,

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