Essay On Bear Management

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Bear Management in Montana Forests
Those who live in Montana coexist with a vast array of wildlife. One of the most spectacular and intimidating species that can be encountered is the North American Black and Grizzly Bear. Not only are they a species that can be appreciated for their powerful beauty, but they contribute much to the ecosystem as well. Some of their ecological roles include being seed dispensers and nutrient providers ("Black Bear Biology," 2016.) The berries the bears’ consume pass through their digestive system unbroken and are able to germinate; in addition, bears assist the environment by breaking down logs when they search for grubs, which help the process of decay and the return of the nutrients to the earth ("Black Bear
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Knowing the difference between a black bear and a grizzly can be beneficial to those who saunter through the vast Montana wilderness. Both types of bears can vary in color (which can range from blond to black) so their coloring isn’t the best way to judge what they are ("Bear Identification," n.d.) They do have distinct differences that is easier to discern from each other--such as a grizzly bear possessing a hump ,whereas a black bear does not; a grizzly’s rump is lower than its hump, whereas the black bear’s rump is higher than its front shoulder; a grizzly has short and rounded ears, front claws that are 2 to 4 inches and curved, tracks where the claw marks are usually visible in marks, and a face profile that shows an appearance that is dished-in between the eyes and snout, whereas the black bear has tall and pointed ears, claws that are less than 2 inches and curved with claw marks that are not usually visible in tracks, and a face profile that is straight ("Bear Identification," 2015.) It is especially important to know these differences when hunting (because grizzlies are protected) or if there is a bear encounter. Black bears tend to be less aggressive than grizzlies and are more adept at climbing trees (Gunther, 2006.) Furthermore, grizzlies care for their young longer than with black bears and tend to be more aggressive when protecting their cubs (Gunther, 2006.) It is something for people to keep in mind, but a black bear should never be underestimated, especially one found with

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