Star Diagnostic Model: American Airlines And United Airlines

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In this article, star model is chosen to analyze the activities and actions that have been continuously undertaken by the American Airlines and United Airlines. This particular diagnostic model is more appropriate to the selected companies. This is due to the reason that it aids companies, especially the top leadership of the specific companies in ensuring that the changes being undertaken at any given time to ensure the specific company stays on the lead are guided or driven by a set of informed strategic business objectives or driven by a strategy. Imperatively, the diagnostic model is ideal because it has a number of design polices that are dictated or controlled by the company’s top leadership and can influence the behavior of the employees. …show more content…
Ideally, strategies are cornerstone of any operation and they must be functional for an organization to succeed or lead-on. Indeed, American Airlines and United Airlines are companies that depend on strategies to maneuver and adjust to dynamic and changing global market and in the airline industry. With respect to the chosen companies, star model evidently help the company leaders to make informed choices as well as seize opportunities for better companies’ performance for optimum benefits. It is classical that the categories of the star model make up every company. Therefore, every company requires clear dependence of the categories to succeed. The strategy of American Airlines concentrates on enhancing customer experience by providing luxury service to attract more customers. Thus, the company is centered on customer-focused approach to reach greater heights of high returns. United Airlines on its part has focused greatly on acquisition of more airplanes and destinations to attain a better cost-cutting platform that will propel the company to greater height of achievement. However, based on the sentiments by Hartung (2013), it is clear that initial target of United Airlines aborted and never brought the expected results as the company plunged into more competition severity as it did not consider ensuring better customer welfare, especially on provision of a variety of luxuries. American Airlines enjoyed positive returns on its strategy and continued rivaling other companies globally. Hence, in application of the star model, it is imperative noting that both American Airlines and United Airlines needed to focus on innovating new strategies that bring optimum profits. Ideally, both companies required careful selection of revolutionary chief executive

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