Case Study: United Airline

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by providing adequate services to the passengers. In addition, based on the days flown, one can find cheap flights and discounts such as military and student discounts. United Airline has utilized social media to its advantage and has created a good presence in the platform. On twitter, United Airlines has 644,000 followers, has over 64,000 instagram followers and has 779,746 likes on Facebook. The company uses these platforms to advertise and promote its brand to maximize its revenue. The platforms are used to get feedback from customers. With the utilization of social media, United has grown to be an internationally known airline. Additionally, the textbook defines brand promise as “the market vision for what the brand must be and do …show more content…
Reports indicate that consumers’ bad experiences have increased tremendously. The bad experiences related to poor customer service, delay flights with no explanation, and fees for additional services. These bad experiences have caused consumers to seek out flights with other airlines. To remain competitive in the marketplace, United Airlines has designed programs to improve the check- in area and boarding process.
United Airlines has completed an overhaul their fleet aircrafts to include Wi-Fi, on-demand streaming, power ports for long international flight, and flat in beds seats for premium cabin. Through, the introduction of more fuel-efficient airplanes, fuel cost has deceased, which in turns offers lower fare airline tickets. Jim Compton, United’s executive vice president and chief revenue officer, said, “The reconfigured 767-300 is just one more example of how we are redefining air travel by providing our customers more choice, greater comfort and a better value” (United Hub 2012). As reported in January 2015 with the changes made to the fleet, and remolding of several hubs profitability has continued in a upswing. Finally, United Airlines revised their loyalty to reward systems to be comparable with other airlines’ programs. The consumers earn point by total dollar spent rather than miles flown
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The problem that affects United Airlines is reliability. Support Services are essential to promoting reliability; exceptional customer service promotes loyalty among customers, and increases business revenue. Consumers want on-time flights and less downtime with layovers, and customer service to communicate delays effectively and efficiently. In addition, they need employees to be available to answer questions and provide resolutions to problems. Consumers require reassurance that their families and luggage are safe. Likewise, customers want prices to match or generally be reasonable for flights. Furthermore, consumers want a loyalty program that will provide rewards or discounts for choosing to fly with United Airlines. In conclusion, if United can provide a significant change to support services the company can look forward strengthening their service provider’s offering and, significant growth

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