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  • Personal Narrative: Missouri Western State University

    One of the toughest decisions of my life was deciding which college to attend because I had to leave my friends, family, and some of my belongings back home. When I was thinking about which college I wanted to attend, I was stuck between three choices: Missouri State University, University of Central Missouri, and Missouri Western State University. I knew whatever my decision was that it would have an impact on me immediately and for the rest of my life. I decided Missouri Western was the right college for me because I liked it more than the other two colleges I visited, this college offered the major I wanted to pursue, and the smaller campus size. The first college I thought about attending was MSU in Springfield. While I was on my tour,…

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  • College Students Should Be Allowed In College

    In a study involving 907 students at an unidentified public university in the midwest, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, it was calculated that on average a freshman student gains 7.8 pounds during their first year at college (Freshman 15 Statistics…). Many have come to know this weight fluctuation as the dreaded, “Freshman 15”. Obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States affecting more than one-third of the population. With the increasing rate of obesity and the well known…

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  • Project Ideas: Article Analysis

    article summarizes a tragedy happened in Rutgers University in February 1988. James Callahan, a 19-year-old freshman, died from alcohol abuse after attending a fraternity party. The whole university was in mourning and the authority had to suspend all social activities planned by fraternity and sonority. However, Callahan’s death did not stop the growing trend of alcohol abuse. One of the students who knew his death was still planning a party for next weekend. Many students did not believe this…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Safe Space

    An “Unsafe” Safe Space It is no secret that we are living in a world where we have to be careful of everything we say or do. We constantly need to think whether our words and actions will be offensive to a specific culture, race, religion, or anything else. We do not want to exposed to anything that marginalizes some crucial parts of our identity and to maintain these values that are so important to us. That is why the University of Chicago was met with harsh criticisms from throngs of angry…

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  • Fisher Vs University Of Texas Essay

    case Fisher v. University of Texas, rooting back to 1977 when Texas legislation made a law that required the University of Texas give admission to all high school seniors who positioned in the top ten percent of their class. When discovering the lack of diversity in the their college 's undergraduates and state populace, the University of Texas chose to change its previously unbiased racial acceptances . The new approach allowed all in-state students who graduated in the main ten percent of…

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  • Colleges Pros And Cons

    “Jayhawk!”? No matter which cheer you support, both schools are two of the best colleges in the Midwest. When choosing which college I wanted to attend, I struggled deciding between the University of Missouri and the University of Kansas. Despite their boarding state rivalry, I fell in love with both. The schools have their pros and cons, yet one is not better than the other. At the end of the day, deciding between MU and KU is a personal preference. Choosing between the University of Missouri…

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  • Student Learning Temperative Essay

    Question 1 In the last 10 years, a number of reports have been issued by the preeminent student affairs associations, specifically the American College Personnel Association and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. These seem to be in a pursuit to frame the future direction of the student affairs profession. Reports such as the Student Learning Imperative (SLI) (ACPA, 1996) and Principles of Good Practice (ACPA/ NASPA, 1997) have been welcomed for introducing a new…

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  • I Want To Become An Obstetrician/Gynecist

    attention back into loving science and learning the material cause my to choose my major for college. I was trying to decide whether I should be a marine biology major or just biology. But then mind set changed again and that was when a doctor that help my older sister with her pregnancy and the passion that she had lead me to biology. The passion for helping other is what I want to do and I see that not a lot of people do that. Biology is about life and learning about it can help find new…

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  • Process Essay: A Career As A Nurse

    a job that is always in high demand but has a low supply. There is no such thing as having too many nurses. In any state, any country, any part of the world, nurses are needed. So essentially, if you are a nurse you will always have a job not matter where you are in the world. In fact it is estimated that in the year 2020 there will be a shortage of as many as eighty thousand nurses (Discover). Being a nurse these days is more than just writing down a name and checking a pulse before the doctor…

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  • Snapshot Of Grad Admissions: Case Study

    The main purpose of the brochures St. Thomas University Residence Dining 2015-2016 and Snapshot of Grad Admissions are aimed to sell products (SERVICES?) to students or parents but, there are so many different aspects to each one. The St. Thomas brochure is designed advertising the different prices, options and rules for the dining residences. Snapshot of Grad Admissions to Princeton University is laid out to get students to apply for different graduate school(???) options and described the…

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