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  • YMCA In The Community

    important health can be as they grow stronger and older. They can improve the health and lives of many in our community. Several of the community members might argue the fact that we do not need a YMCA rather than a grocery store, restaurants, or stores. Our community has about 3-4 grocery stores within range, several places to eat, and a brand new outlet mall. We have all the necessary needs for our community to survive. So why not a place that could benefit us all? Some might say that there is already a gym here, Anytime Fitness. But, does Anytime provide the specific needs that the Y does? Anytime is just a small gym rather than a swimming pool, classes, daycare, and a hangout like the Y does. So what if someone doesn't have kids? Well that is perfect because the Y can accommodate to anyone. There are classes and a gym that anyone can still participate in as well as a decrease in a monthly cost. Even if you do not workout there, children can come and play with their friends in the gym, be apart of teams, and just relax and hangout. The Y can be apart of any of our lives even if some do not realize it. All it takes is a little push to help get started on healthy living. The YMCA offers outstanding benefits for not only kids, but teenagers and adults too and at amazing prices. Although it may take awhile to build and conduct all of the costs, it would benefit the future of our small, but growing community. By providing a YMCA decreases obesity rates from young to old and…

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  • College Students Should Be Allowed In College

    eating healthy is only one step to avoiding the freshman fifteen. In order to remain healthy it is crucial to remain active and physically fit. This is an area where Penn State falls short. While they provide many facilities for students to work out, this facilities are not accessible to everyone because of the membership fee attached. Penn State needs to make their gymnasiums more accessible to the average student by taking away the membership fee, and including the gym in their tuition, thus, …

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  • Oxygen Case Study

    Established in Tehran, Iran in 2003. Oxygen (Royal and Pro) is a full-service gym in Iran with only 2 differentiated branches which are located in Tehran. They offer the latest services, equipment’s like the latest cardiovascular and services for strength training with wide range of group exercises, massage, spa, pool and also high qualified staffs to help all kinds of people achieve their individual potential through fitness. Above all, you will experience an enthusiastic environment loaded…

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  • Muscle Matrix Case Study

    It has helped people achieve all-natural and lean muscle explosion in a just a few weeks. The program contains a series of powerful protocols and specific actions that reduce belly fat to reveal abs and add lean muscle to your shoulders, chest and arms. The program is guaranteed to work through a system of downloadable PDF guides and streaming videos that are fully explained to avoid confusion and guesswork. The following is a detailed Muscle Matrix Solution Review that will help you that you…

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  • Gym Essay

    Most of the time, when we hear the word “gym”, we associate that word with exercising, getting in shape, lifting weights, losing weight, or staying healthy. We think of that because that is the main purpose of a gym. The standard norm of any gym is to exercise and stay healthy. The majority of the people who goes to the gym usually wear clothes specifically for the gym that are more comfortable and allow them to do movements which with regular casual clothes would be more difficult to do. We…

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  • Gym Observation

    As I don’t go to many outwardly social events, I am choosing to write about the social climate at my gym. I think that the gym is mainly a front stage, with little back stages that you can retreat to. Many people come to the gym to manage how others see them by showing off how their body looks or how hard they work, they are performing for the crowd. In the gym setting, personal space is a very strange thing, with everyone having their opinion on what personal space constitutes as. I also…

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  • Importance Of Gyms

    Have you ever thought about having a good and strong body? Nowadays gyms are everywhere and you can find restaurants that cook healthy food with delivery to the place that you want to get your food. In the gym you can have a personal trainer to help you with losing your weight or to build your body but you have to pay for him. Having a healthy and in shape body needs you to work hard, but you have to follow several steps to see it. Draft 2 Keeping our good health, is important for today’s…

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  • Gym Benefits

    A behavior that I want to increase in my life is going to the gym and working out. I want to get to the point where is does not feel forceful to make myself go and workout. It will be an enjoyable and something that I look forward to doing. The gym promotes a living a positive healthy lifestyle. Some benefits of exercising include better health, better moods and attitudes, increased lifetime expectancy, and most importantly a better appearance and higher self confidence level. My short term…

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  • Gym Struggles

    My Struggle to Learn My Self Worth as a Competitor and Wife I have never really taken the time to dedicate myself to anything. Over the years I have tried different things and just never really found a fit. That is until I began strength training. For myself, strength training has become my go to for nearly everything. Stressed? Go to the gym. Sad? Go to the gym. Any frustration, be it large or small, I was able to find solace from in the confines of a gym with the smells of iron and sweat.…

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  • Gym Social Construction

    Sociology is based on the idea of following rules, which govern our behavior, however; there is no written rule that elaborates these facts. Society has created undefined rules that are assigned to objects and events in the environment. Social construction is an idea that appears to be natural, therefore one accepts it even if it doesn’t represent reality, and so it remains artifice of a given society. One example of a socially contracted object is the gym. Gym exists because society has created…

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