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  • Alligator Transcript

    Transcript Transcript of American Alligator (Alligator mississippiens) SCIN 130 Power Point presentation by Serena L. Sobolewski Introduction: The organism that I have chosen for this assignment is an animal, of the crocodilian family, called the American Alligator. The scientific name is Alligator mississipiens In Spanish it is is called El Legarto, meaning the lizard. The habitat preferred by the American Alligator is fresh water swamps, marshes, rivers, lakes, and occasionally smaller bodies of water, such as man-made retention ponds. The alligator range is from the southern Virginia/North Carolina border, along the Atlantic coast to Florida and along the Gulf of Mexico as far west as the Rio Grande in Texas. I chose this organism because…

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  • River Otter Family

    lethal blows to prey. They also have large molars for crushing items like mollusk shells. In the past river otters were found in most of the river, lakes, and drainage systems throughout the United States and Canada. Due to pollution and urban sprawl their range was significantly reduced. These factors caused river otters to now be nonexistent or rare in 12 states across the U.S. They are now found throughout North America in the Pacific Northwest, Atlantic states, Gulf of Mexico, inland…

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  • African American Culture Research Paper

    study the Clarks presented African American children with Black and White dolls and asked them a series of questions, such as which doll was the prettiest, smartest, dumbest, and dirtiest. They found that African American children consistently attributed more positive traits to the White dolls and negative ones to the Black dolls” (Mio, 205-206). This experiment was so powerful and groundbreaking that it was utilized in The Brown vs Board of Education decision by the Supreme Court that…

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  • Lemonade Reflection

    I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils.” Her husband, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé receive criticism on their looks from the media, but she embraces these stereotypes. Beyoncé is trying to bring everyone together through this influential piece of pop culture. She gives off the feeling that she would sacrifice herself in order for all of us to become a unity. She calls herself an “Albino Alligator” in the chorus of the song. The albino alligator is an alligator that will sacrifice themselves for…

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  • Hypocrisy In Angela M. Balcita's The Americano Dream

    Balcita goes over similar issues, though on a less broad scale. Using her father’s experiences of immigrating from the Philippines to the United States, Balcita creates an engaging and relatable picture of the subtle moments of integration, while also illustrating how the great American hypocrisy affects this transition. A great example of this comes from two paragraphs discussing her father’s first job at a blood bank. The job is temporary, as he’s trying to get official certification to be a…

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  • Film Analysis: The Princess And The Frog

    The movie, The Princess and the Frog, is a story told in New Orleans during the 1920s. Tiana, who is African American, is trying to beat the offs by buying herself a restaurant. It was Tiana’s father’s dream of owning a restaurant, but he was unable to accomplish it because of the hardships he and his family faced. The film, for the most part, shows what life was like for those who lived during the 1920s in New Orleans. Being that Tiana’s dream was to open up a restaurant, the importance of…

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  • White Supremacism Analysis

    What separates people of color from everyone else is opportunity. Opportunity or equality, is the oppression of the privileged. Oppression on the privileged, incentivizes these people in power to protect and secure their socioeconomic status and quality of life. To do so, a system of oppression must be created to systematically oppress a specific group of people to secure and maximize privileges/opportunities. White supremacy and slavery were one of many forms used to securing or improving white…

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  • The New President In The Mid-Twentieth Century

    Anointed the "first dog" with his own caretaker, Laddie Boy had a chair for cabinet meetings. He became the poster child for animal rights awareness and a star in the administration. Calvin Coolidge had a literal zoo at the White House with a bobcat, lion cubs, a wallaby, a hippo and a black bear. President Hoover brought alligators back and campaigned with his dog, King Tut. Through the mid-twentieth century, the tradition continued. Some presidents had only one pet (usually a dog), while…

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  • Gronimo's Geronimo: A True American

    Geronimo: A True American The brave Bedonkohe Apache leader Geronimo was able to accomplish many astonishing feats before he died at the age of seventy-nine in 1909. Some of these achievements include continuing his journey of bettering the lives of his people despite his own family being murdered when he was only twenty-nine (27). Geronimo fully embodies the hard-working and no excuses attitude that many Americans strive for. Geronimo in many ways possesses the same moral code and ideas that…

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  • My Vietnamese Identity

    With every passing moment, I became more distant with my Vietnamese heritage and become closer with my desire for an American one. I wanted nothing to do with being Vietnamese or Asian because all that it had brought me was a sense of inferiority and constant bullying. My desire to suppress my Vietnamese identity brings up a point that is brought up by Ms. Mori, the protagonist’s friend with benefits. During one of their conversations, she asks, “So why are we supposed to not forget our…

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