American Airlines Flight 77

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  • September 11th, 2001: Scariest Acts Of Terrorism In The United States

    questions that were never answered and many that never can be. One thing we do know is the events that led up to the Twin Towers collapsing. At Logan International Airport in Boston, it was just a normal day. People were being checked by security and sent to where they would board their planes. Eighty-one passengers boarded American Airlines Flight 11 on its way to Los Angeles, California. In the same airport a group of people boarded onto United Airlines Flight 175, also going to Los Angeles. Both groups…

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  • International Terrorism Research Paper

    terrorism took a drastic turn. In the past international terrorism was only a real threat to Americans when they were on the outside of these great countries boarders. Unfortunately this has taken a turn and makes it seem that no ocean of great size or the strongest of boarders has the strength to keep terrorism back. Besides the boarders and oceans not being enough to hold back terrorism, terrorist have also taken a tactical shift in the ways they carry out there threats. Terroristic…

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  • September 11: The Causes Of Remembering 9/11 Attacks

    but changed the lives of many Americans in many ways. Most people can remember where they were on September 11, 2001. Many can also remember seeing a plane hit the World Trade Center live on television. September 11 was a powerful and emotional day for many people across the country, and even around the world. Two buildings collapsed,…

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  • Events That Changed My Life

    video of the first plane to hit the World Trade Center was playing. Chills ran down my spine as we watched the towers collapse, and engulf the city in grey smoke. When we were informed that the attacks on America were carried out by terrorists that wanted to kill Americans, I remember feeling very scared and vulnerable. Nobody knew if the attacks were over, or if they had just begun. We were released early from school, and as I walked outside I looked up in the sky, expecting something to fall…

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  • 9/11 Commission Report

    pages have a brief description of what occurred, during the four flights, those being: Flight 11, 175, 77, and 93. All four of these planes stories are told in a timeline, “… Showing the simultaneous histories of the four hijacked airplanes as they began and completed their horrendous missions” (Hill and Wang 6). It is important that they are being told on a timeline because it allows the reader to get a sequential understanding of what was occurring by the illustration and the textual literacy…

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  • Reflective Essay On American Airlines Flight 11.9/11

    1. The Passenger “American Airlines, Flight 11. 9-11-2001. Economy Class, seat 32A. Boarding time: 7:45 A.M. Departing from Logan International Airport of Boston MA, Gate B32. Destination: Los Angeles, California.” I restlessly read my plane ticket over and over. It may seem as if it’s not a big deal. Just a boarding pass, right? But this isn’t just any flight. After being in Boston for almost two weeks, the homesickness is hardly bearable anymore. It’s almost been two weeks since I’ve seen my…

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  • Pan Am Flight 747 Case Study

    Pan Am Flight 299, August 3rd 1970 (Suarez). A man approaches a flight attendant and states that he wants to go to Cuba, he then pulls out a gun and bottle that he says is filled with explosives, and threatens to set them off if he does not go to the cockpit. The Premier of Cuba, Fidel Castro, was waiting when the plane landed at Havana’s airport. The only people to exit the aircraft were Captain Augustus Watkins and the Hijacker. Castro tours the exterior of the plane for around 40 minutes,…

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  • Phil Atwater's Short Story

    Phil Atwater's helicopter landed on the roof of the Government facility where his office was. He told the pilot an address and instructed him to bring up the coordinates to that location. Governor Commins temporary office in Bermingham would be Atwater's next stop. The pilot nodded as he began typing on his computer. Atwater hurried to the elevator door and pressed the button. The stainless steel door slid open as he stepped in and pushed the button to his floor. Trying to sort things out in…

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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay About 9/11

    September 11, 2001 is a date that is ingrained in the minds of anyone who was old enough to hear the reporters on the news stations announce that an airplane has hit the World Trade Center. Even before we knew the extent of the damage, or we were told about the other planes, I knew this would affect me. With less than five years of service with United Airlines, I knew that even plane crash from any airline was a big deal. A live camera focused on the towers when it happened. The south tower was…

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  • Essay On D. B. Cooper: The Unsolved Hijacking

    whether or not he survived the jump that enabled him to get away on that night. This debate stems from the plethora of facts that can back up either side of the story. Who knows how it has been over forty years with the case still open and still unsolved. Although it may never be proven whether D.B. Cooper lived or died after his attempted hijacking, there is definitely reason to believe that he could have survived the jump. It all started on the day the before Thanksgiving when a man under the…

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