September 11th, 2001: Scariest Acts Of Terrorism In The United States

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September 11th, 2001 was one of the scariest acts of terrorism the United States has ever encountered. Remembering this day can bring any person into tears. Many people lost their lives while many others lost their loved ones. There are many questions that were never answered and many that never can be. One thing we do know is the events that led up to the Twin Towers collapsing. At Logan International Airport in Boston, it was just a normal day. People were being checked by security and sent to where they would board their planes. Eighty-one passengers boarded American Airlines Flight 11 on its way to Los Angeles, California. In the same airport a group of people boarded onto United Airlines Flight 175, also going to Los Angeles. Both groups …show more content…
They were searched further but nothing was found to be considered suspicious, the three men were then allowed to board American Airlines Flight 77 to Los Angeles. The last plane that was hijacked that day was United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark, New Jersey. This was the only plane that was headed to San Francisco instead of Los Angeles. By 8:00 AM all four flights were being loaded with passengers. A short time after Flight 11 took off, 5 hijackers stood up and went into action. They stabbed two flight attendants and moved the rest of the passengers to the back of the aircraft that was now in full control by them. According to Andrew Langley, a flight attendant named Amy Sweeny was able to call the control center in Boston and informed them of the horrific events they were enduring. At 8:44 AM, she said:
“Something is wrong. We are in a rapid descent. We are all over the place. We are flying very, very low. We are flying way too low. Oh my God we are way too
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They left earlier than they expected so their plans were delayed. Many people on the aircraft called family and friends and that’s how they learned about the attacks on the World Trade Center. This made them realize they weren’t going to be getting off, making them determined to fight back. Ziad Jarrah was the terrorist that took control of flying. As the plane flew towards the ground, the control center could hear him shouting: “Allah is the greatest!” (Langley, Pg 21) Flight 93 crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, killing everyone on board. At 9:59 AM the South Tower fell. Miraculously, there were many witnesses to the wrecks. Among those people was photographer Richard Drew, standing under the Twin Towers when they were hit. Like any photographer, his first thought was to start taking pictures. He had no idea that the pictures he took would be some of the most famous and most discussed pictures taken that day. At 10:28 AM the North Tower collaped. The conditions in the Twin Towers only got worse for the people trapped inside. Many of them broke the windows out just to get some fresh air to breathe. There are pictures taken by Drew that show people standing at the windows just fighting for a breath. The broken windows only made the fire worse. It added oxygen to the fire that had already been spreading, adding to the 1000 degree fire that was

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