American Airlines Competitor Analysis

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Southwest airlines are the eight largest airline around the globe (Tracy). Even though it is a very powerful and influential company they still have many competitors that that compete with on a daily basis. The biggest being America Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Continental Holding, Virgin America, and Jet Blue Airways. American Airlines is one of the country’s oldest airline company and subjectively Southwest biggest competitor. American Airlines are largest airline in the entire world according to it’s revenue, fleet size, and number of passengers, and it’s second in the number of destinations that they travel to around the world (Tracy). American airlines offer an average of 6,700 flights daily to about 360 locations around the world and in about 50 different countries (American Airlines Group). This is a huge competitive advantage over Southwest since they only have ninety-seven locations in the United states and seven other ports in other countries (Southwest Corporate: Fact Sheet). The website Vault rated American Airlines as they number …show more content…
They do this best with Southwest biggest one of the largest airlines in the country, and how they have some of the lowest airline ticket prices in the country. They are also rated higher than many other airline industries according to their customers (Hunter). Southwest also has a fairly low cost to operate, and the company is one of the more profitable airline companies around the world (Southwest SWOT Analysis-Business Insider). Southwest’s integration of AirTran operation into there own business has been one of there greatest strength in the last few years. The integration of AirTran expanded the company’s network into other US markets, it made the company more profitable, and it helped expanded the company into international markets, Caribbean and Mexico (Company Profile: Southwest Airline

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