Air France Flight 4950 Crash Essay

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As thousands of flights, carrying millions of passengers, fly over the globe each day, concerns on aviation safety has always been an important topic. This is particularly illustrated during of the happening of the 2000 Air France flight 4950 crash accident. This report will analyse the causes of this devastating incident, as well as the ethical implications therein, in aspects of the aircraft’s structural flaws, regulatory oversight, and engineering negligence.
On 25th July, 2000, the Air France flight 4590, flying from Paris to New York, crashed minutes after take-off into a nearby Parisian hotel killing all 109 passengers and crew members on board and an additional
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The report also mentioned that the Concorde was 810 kilograms above the safe takeoff limit and was missing the spacer of the left landing gear, but the effect of the overweight and absence spacer were negligible and did not contributed it to the catastrophe [3].
In any circumstances, however, a metal strip should not have caused such a devastating event; a flaw was inherent in Concorde’s design. Prior to the accident, Concorde had suffered about 70 tyre-related incidents, 7 of which resulted in punctured fuel tanks, over the last 24-year it had been in service [4]. This meant that the Concorde disaster could have been prevented if actions had been taken when early indications of safety issues had arisen.
Days after the crash, all Concordes were grounded and resume service in November 2001 until the remaining aircrafts retired on 24th October, 2003 due to a lack of profit [5]. Although the Concorde accident had brought the supersonic travel era to an end, it had raised the attention to the safety of future flight regulations [4] and aircraft development [6].

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