Supersonic Research Paper

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Imagine flying faster than the speed of sound. For most all they can do is imagine what this would be like, but for some this was actually possible. There was a time when it was possible to fly all over the world in half the time of a normal flight today. For awhile now supersonic travel has been gone, but what made it disappear? Every year billions of people travel through by plane, so it would make sense that people would want to get where they are going faster. Supersonic travel was once very popular and now it will be seen why it has gone away.
The average flight speed of a commercial aircraft today is 567 miles per hour. To break the sound barrier an aircraft must be traveling 767 miles per hour, and is considered supersonic, anything
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Flying a supersonic jet was expensive and so was flying on supersonic jet. The Boeing 747 is a subsonic commercial airliner can hold over three times as many people as the Concorde and takes the same amount of fuel. This means that although the Concorde will arrive quicker than the Boeing 747 it is not cost effective because of the number of people being transported by the other aircraft. The average cost for a flight right now is $379, a flight of a Concorde from London to New York in 2003 cost $4612. This seems like an extremely high price and it is but it was a luxury people were willing to pay for. The industry actually showed a growth in profits. During it’s 28 years of use, the cost of the Concorde to maintain and fuel was one billion Euros and made a profit of 1.75 billion Euros. This means that the jet, while there were downsides to it’s fuel efficiency and passenger capacity, was an economically viable venture. Therefore, this cannot be the cause of the disappearance of supersonic travel over the last 40 years, if there is money to be made somebody is surely going to find a way to make it work. The supersonic industry was making almost double what they were putting in. Imagine a billion dollars it is an unimaginable about no one can picture in their mind how much that is. The Concorde was not making a billion dollars, it was making more than that, as it is stated earlier in the paper the jet which was ran by European companies was making 1.75 billion Euros. The Euro has a higher exchange rate than the dollar it is valued at 1.06 to the dollar right now meaning that the Concorde jet was making over 1.75 billion dollars, so who in their right mind would give up that kind of

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