Lewis And Lewis's The Rival Conceptions Of God

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The mistake made by some is how each sees God differently and believe in God. Lewis shared in "The Rival Conceptions of God" that practicing atheist believe that all other religions are wrong, no exceptions (Lewis, 2009). Lewis shared that humanity was thought to be divided into majority and minority. Lewis shared that the majority believe there is a God or Gods that exist and a few, the minority, believe there is no God (Lewis, 2009). Christianity is among the majority which includes Greeks, Romans, and Platonists. Lewis discussed how individuals are divided by the sort of Gods individuals chose to believe exist.
This division between denominations produced two different ideas. The first idea was God is way beyond good or beyond evil, and the second is God is righteous and wants us to behave in ways he dictates. Lewis shared his views on Dualism explaining that there are two powers: equal and independent. These powers are also referred to as powers, spirits, or Gods and have been around for eternity and each believes one is good and the other is bad. Lewis explained in the practical conclusion that sharing God’s humility and his sufferings, we find hope and life. Lewis stressed how important it is abiding by the Laws of God and live this new life of
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According to Lewis (2009), the ‘Cardinal’ values are known by all, but the ‘Theological’ ones are only known by Christians. Lewis discussed prudence, the meaning of temperance, justice, and fortitude. Lewis explained it is important to distinguish between the virtues and doing so will help unravel those inner qualities that make us better people, better Christians. Lewis discussed forgiveness and how individuals should forgive, just as Christ forgives our sins. Lewis explained love one another does not mean to love what the person was done but to love the

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