Serial Killer Essay

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What Creates a Serial Killer? When you first Google serial killers, you get all sorts of links, links from definitions to the top 25 serial killers of all time. Why is it that serial killers are such an intriguing topic? Is it the suspense of what drives them or how afraid we are of them? Everyone wants to know why he or she becomes a murderer, but there seems to be no specific reason. In this paper I will search for the answers to these questions, I will beg the question of nature versus nature. I will compare and contrast past serial killers and their many similarities and differences. My theory is all serial killers are different and there is no similarity that can be found in all of them. My hypothesis will be serial killers are created …show more content…
It is rare to find a female serial killer. Society never thinks there are female serial killers, since you would not think that a woman would be capable of such horrific things. The same factors that come into a male serial killer can be found in female serial killers. Female serial killers act similar to men, but there are differences that distinguish them. Serial killers are most white men and female serial killers are rare, but females are as capable as men. Like male serial killers and their different purposes, women have different types as well including sexual predator and even team killers. An example of a sexual predator is Aileen Wournos who is considered the first sexual predator. Wournos was sexually abused and got into prostitution, which may have caused her to kill. At thirty five she killed seven men from 1989 to 1990 (Pearson, 2007;Silvio, 2006) her method was shooting to kill. She is thought too have killed for money, persona belongings and the vehicles of the men she murdered. Like most male serial killers, female serial killers may also have personal history of mental disorder but there is not enough information on the topic as of yet. Though it is believed that some kill because continued abuse has left them with no other choice out of bad situations like brutal marriage or domestic violence. Like male serial killers with hardships in their past, females kill because of personal history and the way they had been treated in the past. With most serial killers being male, most of the studies agree that women kill because they feel that like men they are

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