The Traits And Thrill Of A Serial Killer By Urmosne Gabriella Simon Analysis

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Reading the article “The Traits and Thrill of a Serial Killer” by Urmosne Gabriella Simon was very eye catching and thought out. The author describes how killers develop, how they act, and ways they kill. The reason the article was eye catching was because of its great use of logos, ethos, and pathos. The author was able to use logos by using real serial killers, ethos by providing sources, and pathos by putting information that made readers feel bad and understand killers. The article explained the three main ideas such as how killers develop, how they act, and ways killers kill. Simon describes that killers become who they are because of mental illnesses or because of the environment they grew up in. According to the author, serial killers could have grown up in an abusive home, been isolated as a child, or bullied in school. The killer could also have an illness and psychopathy or sociopathy that contributes to their homicidal behaviour. The article has some great points on how serial killers might kill because they are angry. He or she would want to take revenge on someone who hurt them when they were a child since they have the capability to do so as an adult.
On the other hand, the author says that killers may act narcissistic, sadistic, or unable to endure failure. These traits are mainly what to look for along with some signs in early childhood such as bedwetting, arson and torturing of animals. As adults, serial killers do not have self control and have

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