Essay On Are Serial Killers Born Or Made

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People have continuously asked the question of whether serial killers are born or made. Researchers have done countless studies to provide the world with an answer. Truth be told, despite all of the research, there is still no definite answer (Allely, Minnis and Thompson). Of course, something is mentally wrong with a person if they desire killing other human beings, but the decision to act on this desire is based solely on other influences that caused the person to make that choice. People are obviously more comfortable with blaming the act of serial killing on some mental defect of the brain because it is frightening to think to think we as a society play a part in a person becoming a serial killer. Intellect nor the imagination define a person’s reason for killing, rather the deeper things like socialization and childhood express the reasoning behind the gruesome murders (Ioana). Despite two-sided evidence and common perceptions, the more supported answer to the question is that serial killers are made.
People are the most impressionable in their early stages of life. Children tend to mimic the actions of the people they are around (Langdon). Even though serial killers do not begin killing
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There is no certain answer to the question, but that is not from a lack of trying (Allely, Minnis and Thompson). Numerous studies have been conducted to provide some form of comfort to people. Expert after expert has tossed around their theories. Although it is easier to blame serial killing on some mental brain deficiency; however serial killing is ultimately a choice, but of course, someone who wants to harm other human beings is short a few marbles. With that being said, not everyone who desires serial killing actually becomes a serial killer. As scary as it seems, society plays a vital role in the formation of a serial killer, along with occurrences of a person’s childhood. For the most part, evidence supports that serial killers are

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