Punnett square

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  • Biology Personal Statement

    other, not just by replication, but by horizontal gene transmission intensifies my desire to study biology. I am currently in the early stages of my EPQ, having decided to set the question of my dissertation to be “Is the use of genetic manipulation in human embryos ethical?” The research project requires me to look into both sides of the argument for and against the development and usage of the technology and the possible social effects it could have. I find ethical debates over medical procedures, including cloning and genetic manipulation, to be thought provoking and relevant to society. When I first discovered how to use genetic Punnett squares at GCSE level, I was intrigued and wanted to know how to take it a step further. Once gaining a solid foundation of one gene Punnett squares, I asked my teacher to teach me how to set out a Punnett square involving two characteristics. When we were taught monohybrid crossovers at A2 level, I was shocked by the implied simplicity of how eye colour in humans is determined by just one gene. Over the following days, I looked into how eye colour is determined in reality and discovered that it is actually determined by 3 different genes, rather than the 1 stated in the A2 syllabus. I have attended multiple first aid courses over the years. As a result of one of my qualifications, I am certified, and occasionally teach and assess first aid courses for the local community. The knowledge gained from learning intensive first aid techniques…

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  • Punnett Squares Lab Report

    This lab was very effective for experiencing the breeding of traits in a realistic simulation and correlating these visual presentations into the Punnett Squares. The objective of this lab was to notice and explore the key differences between genotype and phenotype. Where phenotype is the physical characteristics of a trait, and genotypes are all the possible genetic combinations an organism can obtain from its parental generation. Two mice were used in this experiment, and these two mice were…

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  • Personal Narrative: Make A Quilted Throw Pillow

    block that you can sew on the front of a pillow. It’s lovely, and it’s a relatively simple pattern to make – so you can still do this in time for Valentine’s Day. To do this project, you will need: •three fabrics of your choice, which we’ll refer to as Fabric 1, Fabric 2, and Fabric 3 •cutting mat (I use a combination cutting mat and ironing board to streamline the entire process) •iron •fabric scissors •rotary cutter •quilting thread Step One: Cut the three fabrics – these are the…

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  • Communal Areas

    Communal Areas Cleaning London Do you own a large commercial property, student property, flat share or office block? If you do, then you will have to address cleaning communal areas. The reason is because you must provide residents or visitors to such property with healthy living conditions that stand up to certain standards. You could try and take on such task on your own, but odds are it will be too large a job. By outsourcing the job to a communal areas cleaning company, you can take the…

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  • The Importance Of Volunteering At American Public Square

    Over the course of the semester I have been volunteering with American Public Square. I have completed around eleven hours so far and have been helping at events hosted by the group. At events I have helped attendants find seats, passed out programs, collected questions from the audience, tracked demographics, and cleaned up once attendees have left. While my acts have seemed small to me, those putting on the programs have said these little things amount to a large burden off their shoulders.…

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  • My Infant Classroom Essay

    Also, space would be as free as possible to allow the traffic to flow between activities. For example, I create a cozy area where the children will be free the noise (Mayesky, 2015). Space requirements: My ideal infant classroom would be for 8 infants between ages between 6 weeks to 12 months. It would have a proximity of 500 sq. feet where each child should have a minimum of 35 square feet of usable indoor floor space and 30 sq. feet of sleeping space per child. I should have a minimum 2 feet…

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  • Pythagoras: A Short Story

    Before the man even looked at him, he climbed onto the stage and began writing on the stone. “Can I clear a few things up?” he said. “The book, the title is written in Akkadian. It says, On Triangles, written by Sudines. And the spell? It’s a theorem that can find the length of the hypotenuse of any right triangle. It’s amazing, but it’s not witchcraft.” Using the chalk he sketched out two square frames, each filled with different shapes. “The square frames are equal in size, but there are…

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  • Examples Of Problem-Solving Problem Solving

    knew there was only one rectangle. After figuring out how many rectangles were in a 1x1 grid I moved onto the 2x2 grid. However, this time I could not briefly look at the grid and know how many rectangles there were. This time when counting the squares I decided that I was going to label each square in the 2x2 grid, like the grid below. Now with the entire 2x2 gird labeled I could give each rectangle I found a “name”. The rectangles that I found for the 2x2 were A, B, C, D, AB, AC, BD, CD,…

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  • Common Fruit Fly Experiment

    The chi square value is then compared to the p-value, which is a critical value gotten from a chart based on the degree of freedom and percent of error which this experiment used as 0.05. If the chi square value was greater than the critical value, the hypothesis would be rejected, meaning there was too much error and observed results were way off from the expected results. However, if the chi square value was less than or equal to the critical value, then the null hypothesis would not be…

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  • Ninth Street Market Analysis

    When I think of my Italian heritage, the first place that comes to mind is the Ninth Street Italian Market in Philadelphia. I think of all the different family owned butcher shops, bakeries, specialty cheese shops, restaurants and more that have been in business longer than I have been alive. At one time, this outdoor market was an urban enclave in which mainly Italian and Jewish immigrants worked, lived and raised their families. Today, while this outdoor market has become diversified with…

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