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  • Personal Narrative: My First Sergeant

    Public Speaking in Action I have decided to write about my First Sergeant who will remain nameless. Since arriving at Al Udeid AB, I have had a lot of interaction with my Shirt. From one on one discussion to being a member in the audience that he is briefing, the interaction level has varied. In my opinion, he is a great public speaker and I do not have any major criticism thus far. However, nobody is perfect so I will be talking about his key strengths and weaknesses that I have noticed over the past two months. My First Sergeant has so many strengths that I decided that I would begin with those. First off, my Shirt takes control of the room when he speaks. When I say that he controls the room, I mean that he does an excellent job of grabbing…

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  • Personal Narrative: Being The First Sergeant

    Being the self absorbed daughter of the First Sergeant means I wasn't getting away with anything with a battalion of big brothers and sisters. Not only did I have many brothers and sisters ready to put me back in my place, I had many willing to help me get into all sorts of trouble. One special soldier, made me his wife. Fast forward seventeen years and three brilliant son's later, we arrive to today finally starting my educational future. Since I started my family sooner than I planned, I set…

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  • The Role Of The Human Resource Sergeant In The Army Profession

    Professionals are dedicated, self-evident, and have the ability to perform even in the absence of leadership. Organizations excel because each individual in that organization has experiences and can show others flawlessly what it means to be a professional on and off duty. The role of the Human Resource Sergeant in the army profession reinforces the army’s vision, and ensure that Soldiers and readiness are the main focus. The Human Resource Sergeant assess, weighs, plans and executes the overall…

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  • The History And Importance Of The Non-Commissioned Officer

    of European society, surprisingly. At the time, though, there was almost no interaction between soldiers and officers, so the Non-Commissioned Officer served as the link between the two, but to also maintain discipline in a garrison setting. Amazingly enough, the American Non-Commissioned Officer has been used since the first colonies in America, like Jamestown. An entire colony or town formed a much larger unit or company,…

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  • Army Warrant Application Essay

    I believe I am fully qualified to become an Army Warrant Officer for many reasons. The first is that I feel I have reached a rank that marks the culmination of my operational career. At this stage in the Army as a Staff Sergeant, I continually fulfill duty positions that are above and beyond my pay grade in both the garrison and deployed environments. This is best exemplified in my recent deployment with 1st Special Forces Group in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. As a Staff Sergeant, I…

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  • Human Resources Sergeants

    The Human Resources Sergeant exemplifies what it is to be a Profession of Arms and a professional. As it notes in the very first page of the Army white paper The Profession of Arms “I am an expert and a professional” (TRADOC, 2010) We can note and many would agree that the Soldiers Creed sums up and gives an overall understanding to what exactly is The Profession of Arms and what it is to be a professional in the U.S. Army. The Army as a whole is always moving and changing and we as Soldiers…

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  • Hr's Role In The Army Profession

    The Human Resources Sergeant plays an indispensable role in the Army Profession of Arms. We have to understand that the core responsibility of our role in the Profession of Arms is gained through first learning about the Profession of Arms. The Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms has to balance several roles such as an HR Sergeant in the Profession of Arms, leadership role and also supporting the Army’s culture. Through it all, one should have many attributes of a great…

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  • CPT Malinowski's Toxic Leadership Analysis

    The Commander (CPT Malinowski) arrived and tried to make him stand down, stating that he was a CPT in the United States Army and that he (the Provost Sergeant) would stand down. The Provost Sergeant stated that he would not stand down and that he was acting under the power and the authority of his Position and that he was going to apprehend the subject. But the commander, CPT Malinowski continued to interfere and try and stop the apprehension. After interfering and restricting police procedures…

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  • Rater Errors

    The biggest problem in evaluating employees is the ability of the rater to accurately perform evaluations (Peak et al, 2010). One of the largest failures of supervisors is documentation as many forget to write an officer’s actions down, whether they be bad or good. “No one incident (unless extreme) makes or breaks an evaluation, but it’s the patterns that are created by an officer’s conduct and performance that do” (Murgado, 2012, par. 5). I encourage my Sergeants to do two things to prevent…

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  • Case 4.1 A Drill Sergeant At First Case Study

    Case 4.1 A Drill Sergeant at First 1. From the behavioral perspective, how would you describe Mark’s Leadership? Mark starts off as an Authority –Compliance (9,1) leader however over time he has transition into a Team Management (9.9) because there’s now trust and respect for each other. 2. How did his behavior change over time? I think his behavior changed over time as he started to get to know his employees and built a relationship which leads to a mutual respect for each other. I think this…

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