Hr's Role In The Army Profession

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The Human Resources Sergeant plays an indispensable role in the Army Profession of Arms. We have to understand that the core responsibility of our role in the Profession of Arms is gained through first learning about the Profession of Arms. The Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms has to balance several roles such as an HR Sergeant in the Profession of Arms, leadership role and also supporting the Army’s culture. Through it all, one should have many attributes of a great professional leader, leadership skills and the “Be, Know, Do” qualities to even be considered a professional Army leader.

The Importance of Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms

The U.S. Army is a great organization and is even more dignified
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Physical capital such as property and equipment is expertly managed in the Army by Supply Sergeants, expertly trained and titled 92Y. Army financial capital is any monetary asset, accounted for by comptrollers and qualified 36B, Financial Management Sergeants. Human capital is the Army’s greatest asset, with an all-volunteer force of Soldiers. These Soldiers rely heavily on the mid-grade noncommission officer human resources leaders for personnel and pay actions. Management of the greatest asset in the Army distinguishes the Human Resources Sergeant as gravely vital to the Army Profession. The Human Resources Sergeant’s role in the Army Profession is critical to sustaining the Army as a Profession of Arms, responsible for assisting the profession’s leaders in the balance of the profession, and upholds the Army’s professional …show more content…
It is essentially how we do things around here” (Training, 2010, p.9-10) …The Army’s culture is built around the framework of the Warrior Ethos, Army Values, The Noncommissioned Officer Creed, and mottos. These statutes remind leaders of their left and right limits while guiding Soldiers to dedicated service in the Army. The Adjutant General (AG) Corps’ motto of “Defend and Serve” directly impacts the professional culture. Human Resources Sergeants exemplify the AG motto and are guided to defend the culture through service to Soldiers and units. Human Resources Sergeants, according to FM 1-0, provide HR services to “include essential personnel services, postal operations, and casualty operations” (FM 1-0, 2014, p 1-17). Without HR services to take care of Soldiers, they may lose their professionalism. The Army’s culture justifies its professionalism, and ironically the professionalism sustains the culture. The Army’s culture is analogous to perpetual motion where it will continue indefinitely. The endless development of professional Soldiers groomed by the culture preserves its highly revered professional

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