Fiscal year

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  • Case Study: The City Of Milwaukee Department Of City Development

    budget, each city department has the first three months of the year to prepare their strategic plans and objectives. Ultimately, each department develops their budget requests, which is due on the second Tuesday in May. Upon each department crafting their budgets, from July through September, the Mayor’s office reviews and tweaks each budget proposal, resulting in an executive budget proposal being sent to the Common Council by September 22nd. Finally, the Common Council reviews the proposed executive budget, and must ultimately vote on the measure by November 14th. With DCD needing to articulate their expected expenditures and revenue for the next fiscal year, the need to have an accurate assessment within their own department is crucial. Furthermore, the grounds for developing an operating budget is necessary for knowing not only how many full-time employees a department will employ, but also their personnel and non-personnel for the next fiscal…

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  • The United States Army's Strategic Planning Guidance Of 2014

    The United States Army’s Strategic Planning Guidance of 2014 lists five strategic priorities. These are, adaptive Army leaders for a complex world, a globally responsive and regionally engaged Army, a ready and modern Army, Soldiers committed to the Army profession, and the premier all-volunteer Army. In order to support the outlined objectives of the strategy, the Army Chief of Staff, General Mark A. Milley’s top priority is readiness, which includes personnel and staffing the force. Due to…

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  • SSS TRIO Program Interview

    Linda Evans regarding the SSS TRIO Program at Yavapai College Budgeting and finances: What are the main sources of revenue and/or expenditures for the program? How does the program allocate its financial resources? How has this changed over the past few years? How does the economy impact your program? Is the program subject to state or federal regulations regarding funding? Human resource management: How are the program employees organized? As a federal program, are there any…

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  • Required Performance Measures Case Study

    Provide the official name of the organization with which the Local Workforce Development Board would be contracting, if awarded funding. Cunningham Children’s Home 2. Who is responsible for the maintenance and management of records (fiscal and programmatic.) Fiscal records are maintained by our accounting department, which is directly supervised by Haley Wright, Controller, under the oversight of Dan Holmer, Vice President for Finance/Operations. Vocational services programmatic records will…

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  • Walgreens Pharmacy Industry: A Case Study

    Street Journal reported Rite aid shares skyrocketed 43% as the deal approached reaching a high $8.67 nonetheless, Walgreens offer was still greater. (Bomey) The total agreed offer by Walgreens was 17.2 Billion dollars which would also pay off Rite aids debt. CVS being on top of the two uncombined company has a total of 7,800 stores after making several deals with small time pharmacy companies over the years. However, the…

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  • The Public Budget Cycle

    Chief executives for the organization, if chosen, can impound funds to prevent any wasteful spending. However, the department can reprogram in order to provide them with additional funding if there is a need. Oftentimes, monies are spent in accordance of the budget therefore, a good budget is a financial embodiment of the organization’s strategy and tactics for that year. Lastly, evaluating the budget ensures that funds are being spent in accordance in the law. With auditing and evaluating…

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  • Employee Benefit Policy Case Study

    In an effort to provide a comprehensive benefits program and offer an opportunity to bring on full time frontline employees we must establish expense and bonus policies that are corporately responsible. Expense Policy effective 30 days from the documents’ acceptance. ● All expenses should be reasonable and required to support the business. ● All expenses must be submitted on a business expense report in a timely manner. ● All expenses in excess of $25 must have a receipt. ● Any expense…

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  • Fiscal Mid-Year Performance Appraisals

    Twice annually employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs sit down with managers to conduct a fiscal mid-year review and an end of year performance appraisal. These appraisals often determine if a performance incentive is awarded, or in worst case a formal corrective action plan is required. These practices are consistent within performance management. There are four steps within this process that include “define performance, monitor and evaluate performance, review performance and…

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  • Analysis: Should College Student Athletes Be Paid

    In the year 2014, the NCAA topped over $2 billion in revenue; that total was nearly $80 million more than the…

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  • The Reserve Bank Of India

    This article reports that in January 15, 2015, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) surprised the market by implementing expansionary monetary policy (EMP) and cut the interest rate, which reduces its “key repo rate by 25 basis points to 7.75 percent” to boost the economy. This is because the persistent decline in crude oil prices leads to lower demand in oil. Consequently, countries only gain low profit from selling oil, which the level of gross domestic product (GDP) result in a dramatic decline.…

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