The Importance Of Performance Measures

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1. Describe how your organization will provide data on the required Performance Measures. (See Section VIII. Performance Measures and Program Outcomes of the RFP and Attachment D-Performance Measure for more information.)

The Vocational Options Staff will coordinate and submit all required documentation to the Regional Planning Commission. As stated above, participants are routinely assessed for their progress toward vocational goals, and evaluations of progress are conducted quarterly. In addition, the agency utilizes the following clinical and educational tools to objectively evaluate mental health, independent living, and social skills:
• The Child Behavior Checklist and Adult Behavior Checklist are clinical tools used to evaluate symptoms
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Provide the official name of the organization with which the Local Workforce Development Board would be contracting, if awarded funding. Cunningham Children’s Home

2. Who is responsible for the maintenance and management of records (fiscal and programmatic.)
Fiscal records are maintained by our accounting department, which is directly supervised by Haley Wright, Controller, under the oversight of Dan Holmer, Vice President for Finance/Operations.
Vocational services programmatic records will be maintained and submitted to the Regional Planning Commission by Vocational Coordinator Mary Garman.
Master Options case files will contain all required WIOA paperwork, results of all testing, worksite agreements and schedules, copies of documentation, worksite evaluations, time sheets, employee awards and certifications, and any other information relevant to the youth’s progress and participation in Options.

3. Who is the EEO officer of the organization?

Jeni Carmazino, Director of Human
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(Wonder if it would be appropriate to list the amount of benevolent funding provided to support the program. I’m not sure if we are into tracking voc as a separate program long enough yet to have this, but you might ask Haley.)

5. For audit purposes, specify the total amount of federal funding received by the bidding organization.

Cunningham Children’s Home received $71,882.00 in federal funding during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015, excluding the previously awarded WIOA funding.

6. List most recent agency audit findings and corrective measures taken to improve operations.

An audit for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015, was completed by Clifton Larson Allen LLP. Cunningham received a clean opinion on its audit.

7. Describe the need for Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act Title I funding and how the organization has documented that other sources of funding are not available to support this

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