Walgreens Pharmacy Industry: A Case Study

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On October 27, 2015, Walgreens Pharmacy, announced it deal with Rite aid to combine in hopes to boost the industry. This massive deal would combine the second and third largest pharmacy companies to create possible the largest chain. The offer proposed by Walgreens to Rite aid was that it would pay 9$ per share. Wall Street Journal reported Rite aid shares skyrocketed 43% as the deal approached reaching a high $8.67 nonetheless, Walgreens offer was still greater. (Bomey) The total agreed offer by Walgreens was 17.2 Billion dollars which would also pay off Rite aids debt. CVS being on top of the two uncombined company has a total of 7,800 stores after making several deals with small time pharmacy companies over the years. However, the …show more content…
They believe this because the after buying Boots and Alliance, they saved $799 million in fiscal 2015. Boots, a chain of pharmacy store much like the ones mentioned above, are located mainly in northern Europe, however the company is also working with Alliance which is the distributor and wholesale partner of boots. The two companies are now a part of Walgreens after they made their deal back in 2012 and the merge of the three bigshots is now called Walgreens Boots Alliance. With that combination, Part of Walgreens is now making revenues over the world and not just limited to the United States. (Harrison) The combined effort which Walgreens finished paying off last year has had positive effects. According to Phil Wahba who writes online articles on Fortune, the combination of Walgreens and Alliance Boots has become the largest pharmaceutical Distributer and wholesale contact with more than 370 centers distributing in twenty different countries to around 200,000 pharmacies, doctors, and health centers. (Wahba) The Joint effort has successfully kept pharmaceutical costs low and in addition with their new hopes to work with Rite aid, they hope to reap significant benefits from Rite aids Pharmacy Benefits

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