Brief Swot Analysis Of Walgreens

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History The history of Walgreens started with one man and his dream to make something of himself: Charles R. Walgreen, Sr. Charles was born near Galesburg, Illnois, but later moved several miles away to Dixon where his entreprenurial life would commence. It was in this town where Walgreen began working at Horton’s Drugstore; the main reason why he was working at that establishment came from an accident that happened previously where (“the top joint of his middle finger”) was cut off. If it was not for Walgreen’s injury, he would not have developed his ambitions further into the pharmacuitcal industry. After around 18 months, Walgreen left his drugstore job with a (not so positive) experience and left to Chicago for a better chance to (make …show more content…
Most of the improvements pertained with (improving) the (experiences) that Walgreen’s customers had as they entered his store. To counteract the dimness that the store presented, bright new lightbulbs were purchased and installed; when customers now entered his store, the new lights presented to them an atmosphere of (warmth and cheefulness). To make sure that customers felt valued when going to Walgreen’s store, either Charles himself or his co-worker, Arthur C. Thorsen, (personally) greeted each of them, adding a special touch of care and comradery. To combat the “poorly merchandised” quality of the store, customers were treated to large, spacious aisles with a broader selection of products for them to purchase; some of the new items included cookware like pots and pans, which for the time, were considered (unheard of) to have in a drugstore. Customers were introduced to not only new (items), but new, reasonable prices; the cookware was being sold at 15 cents for individual item. The store offered quality-assured pharmaceuticals from Walgreen himself along with the non-drug merchandise. After working with so many pharmacists, Walgreen took his knowledge and applied it to create his own that were set with (the highest standards for purtiy and freshness) to provide his customers with the very best that Chicago offerred. Due to Walgreen’s inquizitive insight on deficiencies in the pharmaceutical (industry), he set the standard on how to run an effective and customer-friendly

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