Walmart Case Study Pros And Cons

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• Few of the trends in plant layouts are as follows:
• Cellular layouts within a larger process layout.
• Usage of automated material handling equipment, espec8ially automated storage and retrieval systems, automated guided vehicle systems, automatic transfer devices and turntables.
• ‘U’ shaped production lines (refer figure 2.2.6) that allow workers to see the entire product line and easily travel between workstations. Moreover, it allows the rotation if workers among the workstations along the lines to relieve boredom and relieve work imbalances between workstations. Furthermore, it results in team work and improved morale as the workers are grouped in smaller areas and communication and social contact are encouraged.
• More open work areas
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But while many welcome its location in their communities, other do not. Some complain that its presence has too many negative effects on a community, ranging from traffic congestion to anti-union sentiment to unfair competition. Suppose Walmart has announced plans to seek approval from the planning commission of a small town to build a new store. Develop a list of main arguments, pros and cons that could be presented at a public hearing on the matter by members of each of these groups:
1. Owners of small businesses located nearby.
2. Town residents, and residents of nearby towns.
How might a Walmart representative respond to the negative criticisms that might be brought up, and what other benefits could the representative offer the planning board to bolster Walmart’s case for gaining the board’s approval?
Submit the Case analysis as a word document.

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