Federal assistance in the United States

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  • TANF: A Social Program Analysis

    Introduction The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is one of the United States Federal assistance programs. As the first word of the title states, TANF is aimed to provide the families in need with temporary assistance during their struggle of getting their life stable again. Throughout the country, TANF is often referred to as welfare. Families receiving TANF assistance might also have to deal with some stigma that comes with receiving TANF. Overall, TANF aims to give people a push and support to improving their lives. TANF is a block grant that provides grants to states in the United States and Indian tribes in the country and its programs operate in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam,…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: RAMP

    TRIO a federal program that offers services for individuals from disadvantage backgrounds. Federally funded programs like RAMP and SSS are important in order to help people from disadvantage backgrounds succeed and achieve their career goals. My participation in RAMP has influenced my overall college experience greatly. RAMP has helped me feel comfortable in my transition of high school in college with tutoring session, providing workshop, and an assigned counselor. Federal funding programs…

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  • Summary Of How A Democratic Killed Welfare By Premilla Nadasen

    The Welfare Reform Bill “Transformed welfare from an exclusive and unequal cash assistance system that stigmatized its recipients into one that actually criminalized them.”(1) Clinton was responsible for turning the AFDC (Aid to Families With Dependent Children) into block grants which hurt many impoverished children and their mothers throughout the U.S. Also, Clinton was responsible for the TANF which “established tougher mandates on poor single mothers.”(1) The AFDC has been around for a…

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  • Martin Luther King Research Paper

    Living in the State of Poverty - SIM Participation In 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr in his Nobel Prize lecture examined the evils of the modern world. He spoke on how poverty was one of those evils. “The poor in America know that they live in the richest nation in the world, and that even though they are perishing on a lonely island of poverty they are surrounded by a vast ocean of material prosperity” (Nobel Media AB, 1964, para.22). Not much has changed since his eloquent speech.…

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  • SSS TRIO Program Interview

    requirements of the program. Qualifying conditions are they receive a Federal Pell Grant, have a documented physical or learning disability, or are a first generation college student. The SSS TRIO program has as it goal to motivate and assist students as they successfully complete their postsecondary education. According to the U.S. Department of Education, all program projects must provide…

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  • The Importance Of Student Loan Debt

    hiring rate are dooming today’s students to poverty before they even get started. The government provides some assistance, but they could do more. The US government should increase funding to public colleges and universities. Today’s youth are facing a predicament. The current job market practically requires a person to have a college degree if they want a job with a decent wage. At the same time, the job…

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  • Three Levels Of Government Spending

    The United States government spends an enormous amount of money. Where exactly does the U.S. government spend all that money on? There are three levels of government, federal, state, and local. As of today 2016, the amount of the three levels of government spending is estimated to be around $6.6 trillion. Federal spending is estimated to be $3.95 trillion, state spending is around $1.62 trillion, and local spending is around $1.82 trillion. Federal spending is divided into three categories by…

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  • Social Security Amendment

    Introduction In this paper, I will analyze the Social Security Amendment (SSA) of 1974. The Social Security Act of 1974, established a state and federal child enforcement program under part D of the title IV of the Social Security Act (Morgan, 2002). This social policy works to address issues of poverty and child welfare. I’m using the Segal and Brzuzy framework for policy analysis to direct my research. This framework has seven major sections: social problem, goal, identification and policy…

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  • Dual Federal Government

    The federal government should devolve more power to state government because policymaking is more effective at the state level. By allowing each state to pass policies that benefit them in their favor allows for state to run efficiently. Each states has their own economy that would be affected if the a policy was put into place that hinder their ability to produce the products needed to boost their economy and the nations. Federalism throughout has changed and shaped our modern federalism. The…

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  • United States Vs Cotterman Essay

    also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” Are Americans willing to give up any expectation of digital privacy when traveling just to feel safe? Even if you have nothing to hide, the vulnerability (and access of digital information) provides an immense amount of data – of which may well be used against you in the future. Subsequently, are we willing to violate the digital rights of foreigners entering the country merely because they are traveling from Muslim countries? U.S.…

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