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  • Personal Narrative: My Real Estate Investment Career

    . Shortly after graduating from college I started a real estate corporation with a business associate. Business came easily to me. I became an accomplished real estate investor and created a successful real estate financial cash flow building machine. During this period of my real estate investment career which also included some of my younger years, I became aware of having “acted out” the following six contrived inauthentic behaviors and paradigms :  POSITIVE THINKING I created a euphoric or fake wonderful and positive world view about almost everything. This euphoric world view was unrealistic and manifested numerous inauthentic expressions, expectations and behaviors within me.  SENSUAL AND EMOTIONAL I expressed exaggerated sensual and emotional feelings that were inconsistent with what was really occurring within my real inner Self. This inhibited my true authentic Self-expression.  AUTHORITATIVE AND DEMANDING I directed people with a demanding militant type of attitude and behavior that had a tendency to inhibit and suppress other people from freely expressing themselves while they were around me.  RIGHT AND WRONG MENTALITY I had a tendency of being a right and wrong making machine. I would often invalidate the communication of other people with my know it all “correct” type of mentality and superiority attitude and way of thinking.  CLASSY AND REFINED I wore formal clothing and had a ridged one-upmanship type of attitude. I consistently acted out the part of…

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  • Alexander The Great And Persuasion Essay

    The Campaigns of Alexander the Great by Arrian is easily comparable to The Funeral Oration of Pericles by Thucydides since these two primary sources exemplify the maximum power of the pre-Roman leaders in antiquity. Alexander the Great and Pericles both had complete authority and admiration of their men, but both likewise encountered troubling periods amongst their men. In the case of Alexander, his kinsmen were far from home, and were questioning why they persisted to fight under, and with,…

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  • The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech In College

    College begins and everyone is getting ready to return. The night before, my mind was going back and forth deciding whether I should take Public Speaking online or in campus. I decided to give it a try and take in campus. Maybe this way I could face my fear of speaking in public. Woke on a beautiful Monday August 22nd as I open my eyes I was staring at the ceiling with my heart raising as I become more awake knowing it was time. I get to the campus 40 minutes before class in a warm and humid…

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  • Reflection On Persuasive Self Assessment

    Persuasive Self-Assessment Throughout the semester I learned a lot about public speech and communication in general. At the beginning of the semester I was not sure what to expect from the class. I did not know where I stood as a public speaker but now after taking the class I can see a big difference in my communication skill. I feel a lot more confident now then at the beginning of the class. Looking back at my first speech, there were a lot to be learned. First, I did not have many sources on…

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  • Speech Reflection

    I performed a speech about why teenage relationships are beneficial on November 1st, 2016 in front of my speech class. Public speaking is something that I had been practicing since I was in the sixth grade, however it is apparent that I continue to struggle with nerves. When my teacher called my name, I realized that I was shaking and trembling pretty badly. I told myself I had practiced beforehand and I knew what I was doing. There are many things I noticed while reviewing my speech, critiquing…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Sergeant

    Public Speaking in Action I have decided to write about my First Sergeant who will remain nameless. Since arriving at Al Udeid AB, I have had a lot of interaction with my Shirt. From one on one discussion to being a member in the audience that he is briefing, the interaction level has varied. In my opinion, he is a great public speaker and I do not have any major criticism thus far. However, nobody is perfect so I will be talking about his key strengths and weaknesses that I have noticed over…

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  • GM Foods Rhetorical Analysis

    The informative speech I gave on Wednesday about “GM Foods” did not go better than I expected that I could have done because I felt time pressure to organize a verbal outline as closer to written outline. On the topic “GM Foods”, my rhetoric was mainly to inform audiences about negative impact of GM foods on human health. The most difficult part of this informative speech for me is the topic selection. Going through the struggle of finding the topic of large public/audiences interest which can…

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  • College Speech: Reflection In The First Day Of Speech

    Reflection I remember going to the College advisor and trying to figure out what class I would be taking for the fall semester of 2016. I was a little late in the enrollment process and some of the classes I wanted to take were either not available or completely filled. So my advisor asked me if I would be interested in taking speech class. I thought to myself “I don’t really like talking in front of people but it is a requirement.” So I signed up for Introduction to Speech Communication…

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  • Reflective Essay On Communication Class

    You are in class one day when the teacher announces a new assignment: students are to research and give an informative speech about any topic of their choosing. As the student, imagine that you are terrified to not only present the speech in front of your entire class, but to have to go through the process of picking a topic, researching it, organizing your speech, and practicing it as well. At the beginning of my communication class, this was how I felt about producing and giving speeches. I…

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  • The Importance Of Viewing Yourself

    Viewing yourself speaking on video is never a particularly good experience, at least for me, because you notice all of the things you don’t notice when you were in the act of speaking or doing whatever was being filmed. However, watching yourself is a good way to notice your strengths and weaknesses as a public speaker. I know that I tend to look at myself more critically when I watch the recordings, but it was also interesting to see what I did and what I should change/keep the same for the…

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