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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Flagler Beach

    A few summers back, my family and I took a trip out to Flagler Beach, Florida, not too far from Daytona. A few days into the vacation, the girls had gone out for a shopping trip, so, because there was a slight drizzle, my Dad and I decided to just chill out and watch some TV until the weather decided to calm down. This was a vacation that will never be forgotten. My ears perk up as I notice the quieting of the rain against the window. I get up and walk over, pushing the roughly sewn curtain to the right side of the window, gazing out into the world beyond. Though it was still overcast, I ask my Dad, “Can we go down to the beach now since the rain has cleared up?” He holds one finger up, gesturing for me to wait a second, and whips out his smartphone to check the weather radar, nodding his head in approval of the forecast. “Let’s go,” he says to me. I make sure to pack up all of our favorite beach toys: the paddle ball and paddles, the beach ball, and our boogie boards, the sand from the day before on all of which grating against my hands and skin. With everything loaded, including our towels, umbrella, and drink cooler, we set out for the beach. I breathe in, the salty air suffusing my nose, and I squeeze the warm, rough sand in between my toes. Looking out to the ocean with its overcast sky, I can hear the rolling thunder, picking up on the small rumbles that are followed by a larger one which I can feel move the air around me, far off in the distance and the waves…

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  • Which Three Most Important Objects Help Will In Roderick Gordon's Tunnels?

    Imagine never seeing the sun, sky, or nature. In the novel Tunnels by co-authors Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams, a boy named Will Burrows stumbles upon an underground Victorian era city, named the Colony. Will finds the underground city while looking for his father who recently went missing. After being captured by the civilians of the underground city (also known as colonists), he discovers that his dad, also known as Mr. Burrows was captured by the colonists and was banished deeper into…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Sandy Beach

    We finally breeze in our way toward the beach, as we are en route to the destination of peace, calmness and tranquility. We walked out of the car, where we picked our many items and backpack full of cloths. We ran towards the beach, which was a beautiful sight to see such a heavenly experience. As we found a resting ground, Devasree soon persuade me to walk with her in the sandy beach alone. I eventually agreed and we walked in the sandy beach, her hand gracefully locked into mine walking side…

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  • Difference Between Azulene And Naphthalene

    Introduction Molecular orbital theory allows for the relation between the nature of chemical bonds and the properties of molecules.1 Many times, the frontier molecular orbitals, named HOMO and LUMO, are analyzed in order to predict these properties. In this lab, each double bond corresponds to a molecular orbital. The HOMO, or highest occupied molecular orbital is the most energetic (highest n-value) orbital that contains an electron. The n-value is equal to the number of double bonds present.…

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  • Analysis: The Hunt For Planet X

    With this how does the search field get narrowed down, for space is rather large? Calculations for everything from mean motion resonances to resonant orbital geometry constraints, then take the planets mass and put it all together to eliminate locations that the planet could not be. Those eliminations help narrow down the areas of space that need to be considered based on where the planet needs to be to alter the path the eKBOs orbit the Sun. For an in-depth look at the mathematics behind…

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  • Composition Of Copper Research Paper

    electrons surrounding the nucleus, organized in orbitals. There are 29 protons in the nucleus, however the number of neutrons is dependent of the carbon isotope being described. There are different types of copper atoms containing different numbers of neutrons, however the number of protons and electrons will always stay the same. There are two stable isotopes of copper: 63Cu and 65Cu. There are 34 neutrons and 29 electrons and protons in isotope 63Cu, and the atomic mass is approximately 63u.…

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  • The Taken King: A Short Story

    It was a particularly cold, frisky night in Saturn. We have been in the rings of Saturn on our enemies ship for god knows how long. Our commander, Cayde, at tower Earth sent the Fireteam to Saturn to capture the Taken King. The Taken King, was the biggest plague the system has ever seen. If the Fireteam shut down the Taken King, they ended all of the battle between the Taken and the Vanguards that took place all over the Solar System. It was the Hunter, Titan, and the Warlock. They were…

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  • Two Major Limitations Of Molecular Orbital Theory (MOT)

    Molecular Orbital Theory (MOT): The VBT has two most serious limitations that electrons in molecules are treated as though they are localised and behave almost as they did in isolated atoms. This means that the VBT retains the individuality of the atoms composing molecule. The problem can be resolved by introducing the resonance theory, but with the loss of the original valence bond model. Hund[ 173], Mulliken[ 174], Van Vleck[175], Helsenberg[176], Jones[ 177] and others suggested an alternate…

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  • Copper Vs Proton Research Paper

    is more likely to form a cation than an anion. Though the 3d subshell posses more energy than the 4s, when ionized the 4s electron is removed first to form a cation. This is due to screening from the 3d electrons. All ten electrons, shield the singular 4s electron from the effective nuclear charge of the atom, thus causing the lower energy 4s electron to act as the atom’s valence electron. This behavior is characteristic of most transition metals. The first ionization energy does not vary much…

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  • Copper Atom Research Paper

    Following the information we receive from the periodic table, the total number of electrons in a copper atom remains 29. This configuration shows how the 4s orbital is inhabited before the 3d orbital. However, the 3d orbital gains an electron from 4s so as to complete the 3d shell and make the atom more stable. Despite the 4s orbital having an unpaired electron after losing one electron to the 3d shell, we still say that the copper atom is diamagnetic. This is due to not only the electron…

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