Personal Narrative: The Sandy Beach

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We finally breeze in our way toward the beach, as we are en route to the destination of peace, calmness and tranquility. We walked out of the car, where we picked our many items and backpack full of cloths. We ran towards the beach, which was a beautiful sight to see such a heavenly experience. As we found a resting ground, Devasree soon persuade me to walk with her in the sandy beach alone. I eventually agreed and we walked in the sandy beach, her hand gracefully locked into mine walking side by side. She uttered one word, “ Love, what does it mean to you?” Our feet dissolving in the sand from each step we take. I reciprocated of a smile at the word of love, “ It’s overlapping our selves. You become part of me and I become part of you.” “ …show more content…
My mom soon has been getting calls from Alcohol Anonymous that her son hasn’t been attending the seminars and wanted to see if everything was all right. My mom was eager to look for me, while I arrived to a broken motel to indulge in my favorite type of potion that will help replenish the obsessions of this young woman. My liver couldn’t give anymore, and I passed out feeling this progressing feeling of pain and misery in my liver. I soon layed down on the floor, soon as I knew it I was in a comma. Devasree family and my family came in a hurry. Daya and Jamini were crying, whereas their father was smoking and had a slight smirk on his face. The nurse told my mom that he permitted a serious case of Palilalia and Echolalia and liver disease. She informed it was a repetition of vocalizations and words of someone, which was one word Devasree, and a hindi song she sang. Devasree soon came in the room, with tears wiping down her Shari, my mom hugged her and left the room. She said, “ I’m sorry for always keeping this proximity a secret, we had a brief infatuation when I visited you last time.” Her lips murmuring to her shaking lisp and sorrowful eyes. “ We had this intimate amour and drinked all night to forget about it, that Daya and Jamini are your kids, I meet my husband later on in life and he knew about it.” My conscious soon left my soul calm body and thought to myself, “ Only if I can look at the damsel in distress of how beautiful she was when crying, and wondered how romantic it all was in an instance longing for a person fueled by intimate feelings of intimacy, passion and commitment. I feel like no other woman can help me find this love that is reciprocated, which we feel great and full of ecstasy, but when its not we feel sadness and despair. I still don’t know what Love is…am I the love Bird?”. The heart monitor attached to my lonely heart goes

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