Narrative Essay On A Trip To The Beach

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Anna Maria Florida

It was a hot, humid Sunday in Anna Maria Florida. We were going to the beach with the 3 other families that went with us. It was about a five minute walk from our house we rented to the beach, which really felt like five hours because I was really excited. Once we FINALLY got there my friends and I decided to take our shoes off and find a perfect spot in the white hot sand to set up of chairs and umbrella. We took our clothes off because our swim suits were underneath and sprinted to the clear blue ocean. “ We should get our boogie boards first because there are a lot of big waves” Taylor went on.
“Ok” Madison replied. And we all dashed off behind her to get our boogie boards. After we got our boogie boards we ran back to the ocean and got ready for the huge waves. It was so much fun riding the waves on our boogie boards. We looked for shells and we also found some sand dollars which are my
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Luckily a guy that worked at the rental company showed up at our house because our grill that was at the house wasn’t working the night before, so he was going to fix it.
“ Um. . . sir we just found a brown bug in my room and we think it could be a bed bug!” My mom explained. So he look at the bug and sadly said, “ That sure is a bed bug.”
I wondered, “Will we have to leave?” “What are we going to do?” “what about the boys?” so I asked my mom.

“ What are we going to do.” I whispered so the guy didn’t hear me.
My mom said “ I don’t know but tell all the other kids to go outside because of the bed bugs.” So I did. All the kids Exclouding Taylor and I put their bathing suits on and went in the pool in the back yard. I felt really bad because everything was happening so fast on her

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